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How To Keep Your Car Clean And Scratch Free | RenewBuy

A car is not just seen as a means to transport you from one place to another but also as a status symbol for a majority of us! So it is not surprising that we spend a small fortune on its internal as well as external maintenance. Though we would want our car to remain spic and span, sadly that is not possible. A lot of factors such as dust, pollution, rain, harsh sun, accidents, etc., can make our cars look dirty with scratches and dents.

Are you also worried about all these factors affecting the look of your car? Well, read on to find out some easy and quick tips to ensure that your car looks clean and remains scratch-free.

The first and basic tip would be to wash your car on a regular basis. This is the easiest way to get rid of the dust and dirt. Washing your car once a week should be okay. Don’t go overboard and wash it every day.

While washing, please don’t use some old rag lying around. Instead, invest in a good microfiber cloth, and ideally, you should have three clothes – one for the interiors, exterior and for drying. Instruct your car cleaning guy to use only the dedicated cloth.

If you have a covered parking area, use it else a car cover is your best bet. It may look a little cumbersome to put it on and take it off every day, but it is a sure shot way of keeping your car protected from dust, bird-droppings, rain and extreme sunlight.

Have a scratch or dent and want to get rid of it? Take some professional help and get your car detailed. This would not only assist you in covering all those tiny dents and scratches but will also keep your car looking shiny and new.

If you have bigger dents or panels with damages, then it is advisable to get it repaired immediately so that there is no scope for any rust formation. Another way to avoid rust is to get rust proofing done for the car. This would prevent various parts from getting corroded.

A good idea to cover up minor scratches and scuffs is to keep a touch-up paint handy. This tiny device comes with a clear coat on one end and base paint on the other. You need to match both the colour codes to avoid any discrepancy.

You could also remove paint stains on your car by using wet sandpaper. Gently sand the paint stains till the stains are gone, take a damp sponge, put a little amount of polishing compound on it and apply it on the area where the stains were present in a circular motion.

Use a tire shine to keep your tires bright and new. All you need to do is spray the tire shine on the tire and rims and wipe it with a clean cloth.

The final tip is to get your car waxed professionally at least once every year.

We hope these tips and tricks would keep your car looking shiny and new!