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A Must Checkout List Of Pet Friendly Cars For Every Pet Lover

When planning to buy a car, a pet lover keeps in mind the comfort of the pet as well. We all love our furry/fluffy friends, but many times we are unable to understand whether the car that we plan to buy will be comfortable for them or not. We tend to get misguided and land up buying something that wouldn’t fully serve the purpose. Here is a checklist of pet-friendly cars. Have a look!

Mercedes-Benz E400 Wagon

This car will be very useful if you do not want to carry your dog’s kennel in the rear row seats for the journey you plan to take. This car comes along with a ‘deep boot tub option’ which can easily transport your pet. It also ensures that your naughty pet remains soiled all the time without damaging the interiors of the car.

Skoda Superb Estate

Skoda Superb Estate is one of the most pet-friendly cars as its comfortable for you and your pet both. It is extremely versatile and adaptable and also comes with a pet pack for your dog. It has a rear bumper protector that guards your pet. This car has a large boot capacity and can hold around 665 litres of cargo. It comes with a low loading sill, and it is long and flat for your pet to jump in quickly.

Citroen C3 Picasso

If you have a smaller sized pet, then this is your car. It has seating capacity for five and is extremely comfortable. It has a small window sill which is one of the best features for your pet. Mostly every pet loves the outside view, but the smaller sized one mostly miss out the fun because of their small stature.

This new car is perfect for a family of five and your pet dog. It is a new model in the Indian market and is one of the best sellers in the urban sector.

Nissan Titan Crew Cab

Nissan Titan Crew Cab has a very canine friendly interior as it incorporates a rear seat cargo organiser and folded benches. Such an arrangement allows you to transport your food to your dog without the fear of your food box getting overturned or eaten. Overall, this car gives your pet all the freedom that it could ever want.

Toyota Prius C

It is not possible for every owner to afford the costly and luxurious pet-friendly cars but that does not mean they love their pets any less. This car is a perfect answer for all such owners. It has great fuel economy and contains enough space to comfortably fit your dog, though it is considered a compact car. Moreover, it also has a large hatch door which makes jumping in and out of the car enjoyable for your pet.

Kia Soul

This car comes with a panoramic sunroof which makes it all the more fun for your furry friend. It looks extremely compact but has enormous space and headroom making it ideal for tall dogs. The rear hatch ensures that your dog can jump in and out of the car easily.

So, with this, we end our compilation of pet-friendly cars. We hope you choose the perfect car not just for yourself, but for your pet too. Have a safe and comfortable ride always.

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