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Policy Renewal Made Easy With Online Motorbike Insurance

In simple words, two-wheeler insurance offers security against the monetary obligation that is likely to be borne by you in the case of robbery, damage or third party damage/death caused by your means of transportation. However, WHY is it important?

Why one need Two Wheeler Insurance?

  • No financial pressure!

It provides you a financial shield in case of robbery or any harms caused by or to your vehicle!

  • Compulsory by law

A copy of a valid insurance policy should be with you, all the time.

  • No Claim Bonus

Not claiming your insurance will moreover earn you the No Claim Bonus that further increases your premium!

  • Peace of mind

In the worst case, you are not obligated to spend enormously on the maintenances of your motorbike.

Why to Renew Your Insurance?

Requiring an insurance plan is a great way of taking care of the expenditures you could suffer in case of own or third-party damage, which otherwise you would have to pay from your pocket. Besides this important point, there are a number of other benefits:

  • Easily transfer NCB

  • No Inspections, No Form-filling

  • Coverage against Bike damage or Robbery

  • Add-ons for extra protection

The Bike Insurance Renewal Procedure

Before you renew the policy, there are some things you need to consider. The process differs in case your previous plan is active or has expired:

What you need to do if your policy is active:

  • Negotiate your premium

First of all, be well aware of your plan and understand it completely. Remove features and exclude add-ons that you are sure you won’t use to cut down your cost!

  • Evaluate your cover

Bike insurance renewal helps you in comparing the cover against the other plans offered in the market. Browse through and choose one that goes well with your requirements!

  • Know your add-ons

Choose add-ons that are best suited to your requirements and include them in your plan. They might be an additional expense; however they enhance the policy benefits!

  • Correcting the incorrect information

During renewal, you can get previous errors corrected by offering the correct information, remember, correct details are important for faster claims!

What you need to do if your two wheeler insurance has expired?

Missed out on renewing your plan? Don’t be tensed; it’s natural because of the hectic schedules! Here’s what to do in that case:

  • Explore and compare the policies online that you wish to consider for the coverage and select
  • Fill up the simple form online and renew in just a few minutes without any inspection

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