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Pros And Cons Of Having A Roof Rack On Your Car

Most of the travel enthusiasts will agree that you can never have enough space to pack the gears for travelling. Hence, a roof rack proves to be a viable solution.  In this blog post, we discuss the pros and cons of having a roof rack for your vehicle/car.

What is a roof rack?

Whether you are planning to go for a quick trip with your extended family members or on a long trekking, roof rack comes handy. A roof rack is an extra storage place placed on the top of the vehicle to carry larger items like kayaks, big containers, etc. The roof rack is not a standard part of the car accessory; it is something that you might consider if you need an extra storage space.

Roof racks are the best companion if you are planning to go for surfing, skiing, camping, etc. But before you purchase them; be sure the material is of good quality. You can opt for a steel rack if you are on the lookout for something sturdy and heavy, or buy an aluminium one if you are looking for something which is light and can handle a lower load.


How to select a roof rack?

Today, the market is filled with curved, angular and heavy duty cargo rack to haul small canoes, mountain bikes, skis or snowboards. They are easy to install and hitch in a jiffy.  The following questions would further aid you in selecting a right roof rack:

Question 1- whether you are looking for stylish, yet functional roof rack?

Question 2-Whether you need a roof rack for recreational purpose or commercial use?

Question 3- whether you need to accommodate small regular items or heavy machinery?


Pros of having a roof rack

If you lack space, then having a roof rack is the best solution for you. It not only improves the storage space of your car, but also increases the legroom inside the vehicle providing a reliable and sturdy mode for transporting sports and other equipment.

The modern storage rack comes loaded with features like LED lights (that brighten up the camp after the sun dozes off to sleep), water and weather resistance, a roof rack that can accommodate rough terrain, etc. These racks are easy to load and unload.

Potential problem of having a roof rack

Though the contemporary roof rack has taken over the traditional one, still people find them little problematic due to dust that accumulates under the feet, the straps that scratch the paint beneath and rust that destroys the roof of the car.

Though roof-racks create a little problem, yet we cannot ignore the value they provide in accommodating the luggage and heavy load that cannot be made to fit into the car boot.