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How To Protect Your Car From Rodents Or Mice

Rodents are very annoying creatures as there can be an infestation anywhere, bite and destroy almost anything. They have the tendency of wrecking havoc wherever they go. They multiply very fast and are a nuisance. Rodents infesting cars is not a new topic of discussion. Most people complain that they have rats destroying the wiring of their cars. In such a case it requires a costly replacement. Moreover, they tend to destroy the interiors of the car as well. They bite into the leather and tear out the seats. The engine bay tends to be their favourite hideout. Apart from that, they make the car very dirty. They will urinate and defecate all over the interior of the car and it will emit a foul smell. This is a very common situation seen in cars which have been garaged for a very long time without proper maintenance. In the countryside, this problem is noticed in carts that are used daily. The problem of pest is a major issue for our cars which needs to be prevented. Here are some ways that could be used to prevent this problem from spoiling your car.

Tips to protect your car from rodent infestation

  • The first need is to be clean. If your car is already infested with rodents then you need to clean out your car immediately. Not only that, you must also clean the storage building if possible. Rodents usually feed within 20 feet of their nests so you need to keep that in mind and clean all food items in the vicinity of your car.

  • If possible, remove any nearby sources of water. If food and water are removed, there are higher chances that the problem will not persist for long.

  • It is essential that your car is exposed to sunlight. This reduces the problem a bit as rodents tend to grow in dark places. You can keep the hood of your car up so that light can reach into it.

  • Clean the surroundings around your car. You need to cut down nearby shrubbery and vines where the rodents can hide.

  • Use naphthalene balls and keep it in different places in your car.

  • You can also spray diluted phenyl in your car. The pungent odor keeps the rodents away.

  • Get your engine bay thoroughly cleaned and then sprinkle the area with the worst quality of coarse chewing tobacco. This will also ensure that the rats are at bay.

  • You can opt to use the TSB from Honda. It is basically a rodent deterrent tape. It is an electrical tape. It is an electrical tape which is treated with super spicy capsaicin. This tape is 21 meters long and is easily available from dealers. You can also be able to purchase it online.

  • You can use the ultrasound device found in the market to clear out rodent infestations. They are known to be very useful.

Protect your car from rodents and get your car insurance policy renewed easily if its about to expire.