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Risks You Must Know Before Riding A Two Wheeler In India

India has the highest number of 2-wheeler drivers in the world and every year the number just keeps rising. The automobile industry leaves no stone unturned to come out now and then with new and exciting bikes – with and without gears. Whether you prefer the gentle and easily manageable scooter or a mean machine like superbikes; there is an option for each and every one of us.

Unlike a 4-wheeler, learning a bike is not very difficult and can be mastered in a very short span of time. In a country like India, you would find kids as young as 12-13 years, zipping around on a 2-wheeler. Now, whether you are a newbie or a seasoned driver, there are certain risks of driving a 2-wheeler in India that you should know. Read on to find out what some of those risks are and how you can avoid them.


It is no secret that the Indian road conditions are not ideal for riding any vehicle. Potholes are one of the most common road conditions that you will find along with speed bumpers. From minor to major, these potholes can lead to any accident. Dealing with potholes becomes even more challenging during the night since most of the roads in India are not well-lit.


The climatic conditions are a major risk factor for 2-wheeler riders depending on its severity. It is hazardous to drive a bike during heavy rainfall since one can easily skid and hurt themselves. Plus, the water-logging makes it impossible to identify where the potholes and drains are. With the temperatures soaring up, it is not advisable to drive a bike in the harsh summer as people have known to suffer from sunstroke. Even covering up yourself doesn't help in the long run.


This may seem funny, but in reality, it's one of the worst reasons that one should know before riding a 2-wheeler in India. The Indian roads are not just filled with people and vehicles but also with stray animals such as dogs, cows, etc. One can never know when a stray animal jumps right in front of your vehicle, and if you don't have good reflexes, you are sure to hurt yourself in such situations.

Spit/Vomit/Waste(Chips packages/tissues/disposables/ice cream sticks etc)

This is by far the most disgusting and irritating risk of riding a bike in India. We Indians love our paan and gutka, but sadly we lack basic manners and common sense. This is why you would find people spitting on the road without any thought or care. 2-wheeler riders have to be extremely careful because you never know when a person spits from a bus or an auto or bike right next to you.

Since none of these risks can be defeated anytime soon, the ideal option for bike riders would be to be extra cautious and be aware of their surrounding and road conditions while driving. Avoid talking on the phone and rather focus on keeping an eye out for the risks mentioned above.