Takeaways of PM Narendra Modi Speech on Corona Outbreak

Takeaways of PM Narendra Modi Speech on Corona Outbreak To curb the fearful atmosphere due to Coronavirus pandemic, all the eyes were on PM Narendra Modi’s speech addressing the nation on 19th March…

Takeaways of PM Narendra Modi Speech on Corona Outbreak

To curb the fearful atmosphere due to Coronavirus pandemic, all the eyes were on PM Narendra Modi’s speech addressing the nation on 19th March 2020. The live telecast of speech which lasted for 30 minutes was a call for citizens participation in hearing out the actionable. He emphasized the urgency of the outbreak and shared the practices that need to be done to cure such a global situation. The whole world is going through a serious phase of crisis this time where health deterioration is leading to death. Whenever there is a situation of natural crisis, it is limited to a few countries or states. But this deadly calamity has put the entire world in a fearful situation.   

Honourable Prime Minister Modi has been regularly talking to news channels and urging all the citizens not to panic in such outbreaking situation. But, safeguarding themselves by keeping in isolation. 

Amid awareness and how to suppress the panic situation of a global outbreak, let us take you through the highlights of PM Modi’s speech, addressed to the nation on 19th March 2020- 

Crisis Period- 

PM Modi has compared the pandemic similar to the situation like World War I and II. He further shared that the situation is out of control because no vaccine or medicine has been developed yet. Looking at the prevailing outbreaking conditions in the world, many countries are adversely affected by such outbreak and India is monitoring the spread of the virus in these countries. 

Call to action- 

As the live speech was an address to the nation, PM Modi urged for an urgency to react and not just sit back and think that the situation is under control. He reminded about the consequences of the outbreak is affecting developing countries even. 

Janta Curfew- 

By practicing isolation and much avoided social gatherings, PM Modi has called for a ‘Janta Curfew’ on 22nd March 2020. Which means nobody should come out of their homes from 7 am till 9 pm on that day. Entire nation to remain indoors. However, people who are involved in critical services, such as medical professionals should come out and stay active to serve needy.  

Inform People- 

Hon. PM Modi requested citizens to call at least 10 people on a daily basis and inform them about following “JantaCurfew” religiously which will be a considerable preventive measure in preventing coronavirus.  

Avoid going to hospitals for regular checkups- 

PM has advised citizens to avoid visiting hospitals for regular checkups and cooperate medical officers at this point of time. If possible, consultation should be done over the phone.

Avoid unnecessary travelling- 

The number of cases detected in India seems to be those who have come back from other countries. The international airports seem to be most contagious in such situation. Modiji has urged people to take precautionary to avoid unnecessary travelling until the situation is under control. 

Covid-19 Economic Recovery Task Force is formed-

The government has set up an economic response task force to watch the implementation of economic resolutions in the nation. PM has reassured in his speech that there will be no scarcity of essentials like- food, milk, and medicines in the country and will be circulated in ample amount. 

Be considerate and allow employees to work from home- 

PM Modi has urged an economic uniformity towards salaried employees and domestic help. He has asked the employers not to deduct salaries for this duration. And let employees work from home so as to keep their families safe without affecting their monthly budget. 

Avoid unnecessary buying and storage of ration- 

Amid this pandemic situation, Modiji has requested citizens not to panic and end up doing unnecessary shopping of essentials for storage at home. But keep calm for handling the situation wisely. 

Show Gratitude - 

We are dependent on many people in our day-to-day survival and commutation. Prime minister appreciated the workforce of different sectors who are dedicatedly working day and night in hospitals, airports and railway stations and making people’s lives easy. To give gratitude for their dedication and work, Hon. Prime minister has requested the state and local authorities to blow a siren at 5 pm on 22nd March, which will be an indication for all the citizens to assemble in front of their front doors, windows, balconies and clap. It will be a sign of encouragement to the professionals who work with full dedication to serve the citizens. 

Prime Minister Modi has been regularly taking on social media about the pandemic situation, urging people not to panic but handle the situation wisely. Let us come forward and altogether chalk out the mechanism to fight this deadly infection, together with by supporting #JantaCurfew. 


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