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Stuck In A Traffic Jam? Simple Tips To Avoid Them | RenewBuy

Nobody wants to be a part of city jam, be it while going to your destination or returning from it. The problem is that if you are a city dweller you have to deal with constant jams most of the time. Avoiding such a situation is tough. It causes delays, and in most cases, we tend to miss important scheduled work planned for the day. However to avoid such delays, one can follow these simple tips:

Tips To Avoid Traffic Congestion

Avoid peak timings

You must have heard this advice from everyone, and yes this is the first and foremost lesson that one must keep in mind. It is the best you can do when you are living in a congested city. With the peak office hours beginning to show face, the traffic starts slowing down gradually. So try getting out a little earlier.

Map out alternate routes

Make sure you have an alternate route to your destination. If you cannot help running late during the peak hours, then the alternate routes are your only hope. Alternate routes tend to be less congested, but there are chances that they may be a little longer. However, that shouldn’t be a concern if we can skip the halted traffic saving time.

Keep up with the traffic

As much as you want to avoid the congestion, it is equally important that you do not add to the congestion. Be alert at lights. It is not the time to miss the change of signal light until someone honks you. Do not talk on the phone and then miss out on the signal. These little things tend to add to your delay and for others as well.

Use a two wheeler

During peak traffic congestion hours, your two-wheeler may be your saving grace. It takes minimal space, can be easily manoeuvred and you can quickly change lanes. It will help you reach faster to your destination. If you do not have a motorbike license you can always use your bicycle (provided you do not stay very far away from your workplace). Regular cycling has its health benefits.


When you are choosing your route to work, do not act on your intuition rather listen to the radio that airs out traffic status and conditions. In this manner, you can avoid any probable gridlock easily.

GPS system with live traffic updates

You can also use your cellphone GPS system to prevent traffic congestion instantly. You can quickly change routes when your GPS alerts you of congestion and thus avoid a delay.

Public transport

Using the subway or the city bus tends to save your time a lot. You may have a luxurious car, but it is better to leave your pride at home and take the tube (Metro) rather than getting late.

Something that you must keep in mind

  • Do not be the cause of congestion. Keep your vehicle in serviceable condition.
  • Do not slow down your vehicle to gawk upon some activity taking place on the road. You are slowing everyone down.

  • Do not merge lanes suddenly as you tend to slow the whole traffic flow.
  • Be alert at lights.


Be smart and skip the traffic! Happy riding folks.