Transfer Car from One State to Another

It can be pretty strenuous of a task to transfer the car registration from one state to another. It is not quite often that people transfer their vehicles so it is justifiable that they are not well…

It can be pretty strenuous of a task to transfer the car registration from one state to another. It is not quite often that people transfer their vehicles so it is justifiable that they are not well familiar with the procedure. As complicated and difficult it seems, it is a very hassle free process. The most important step of re-registering your vehicle to the state you are moving to is obtaining the No objection Certificate from the RTO where the vehicle is registered. The fact to be careful is that NOC has an expiry date and you should re-register your vehicle before that. To make the procedure easier for you, we provide to you the whole procedure step-by-step.

Step 1: Get a NOC from bank

In the case you have availed a loan to finance the car you own, you need to attain a no objection certificate from the bank. This is not at all hassling. You would just have to visit the bank with your original documents like address proof of new location and reason to transfer. After contemplating all your documents, the bank would provide to you the NOC which would be used to reregister the vehicle before its due date.

Step 2: Get a NOC from RTO where your car is registered

After attaining a NOC from the bank, next step would be getting a NOC from RTO where your vehicle is registered. For instance, if you are planning to move your vehicle from Delhi to Bombay you would have to approach RTO in Delhi to obtain a NOC. To get this done copy of NOC obtained from the bank would be submitted along with Form 27 and Form 28 and below listed documents

  • NOC application for interstate transfer.
  • Certificate of registration, insurance document, tax slip, and your current emission test certificate.
  • The original chassis imprint of the vehicle will also have to be submitted.
  • A few copies of CMV Form 28.
  • Also attain a NOC from the police department as well for speeding up the process. This will prove that you have no pending cases and you are eligible to continue with the process of making the transfer.

Step 3: Re-registering your vehicle in the new city

Once you are done transferring your vehicle to a new city or a state, you would have to visit RTO of the new city and re-register your vehicle. Most of RTO’s give you time of around 6 months to re-register your vehicle but make sure that you do it before NOC expires. You would just have to visit RTO which falls under your area with the documents listed below.

  • Original RC copy
  • Copy of car insurance.
  • Copy of the NOC you obtained from the bank, police department and the RTO.
  • Form 29-30 for re-registration.
  • Emission test certificate
  • Photo ID and local address proof.
  • Applicable fees like road tax, octroi charges.
  • Original chassis imprint of the vehicle.

Few days after submitting all the documents, you would be issued your registration number. This would become easier if you make it work through an agent. Also, there is no need to go through the hassle of re-registering your vehicle if you are temporarily moving. You can go on without re-registration for about a year.

Step 4: Refunding of Road tax

For instance, you have paid a lifetime road tax in the city your vehicle is originally registered to and you decide to move out all of a sudden, you need not worry about the refund. The process is really easy. After re-registering the car to the new city, you can easily file for a refund from the RTO; you originally registered your vehicle in. Following are the documents you would need for the funding procedure.

  • Road tax refund application.
  • RTO Form 16 which has been self-attested.
  • RC copy with new registration number.
  • Next, RC copy with old registration number.
  • Insurance certificate with new registration number.
  • Finally, Photo ID proof and proof of address.

After you submit all the required documents, both the RTOs- the old and the new registration handlers would contemplate whether the process of re-registration is complete or not. The RTO of original registration will then request for a CRTI, only on receiving of the CRTI will then initiate the process of refunding your road tax. The whole process is lengthy and could take up to 6 months for you to receive your refund.

Step 5: Cancellation of NOC if you do not move your vehicle

If for some reason you have decided against moving to another city, you will have to apply for the cancellation of your NOC. To do this, you will have to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Obtain a NUC (Non Utilisation Certificate) of NOC from the RTO where you got the NOC initially - this certificate validates the reason for not continuing the process of transferring your registration and cancellation of the NOC.
  • Next, you have to get an Affidavit stating the reason and certifying that there is no misuse of the vehicle and you want to cancel the NOC.

If you are new to the interstate transferring of your vehicle, these above mentioned steps can be really helpful for you.

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