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Two Wheeler In A City – A Smart Move | RenewBuy

With a lot of young souls opting for fancy bikes instead of cars, it is evident that the liking for a two wheeler is on the rise. The strong spec sheet and sturdy engines have made bikes a universal favourite. And there are some valid reasons for its rising popularity. Let’s look at these advantages of having a two wheeler in a city:

  1. Affordability: Youngsters in the early stages of their career find bikes more affordable than a car. While the price of a decent bike ranges from Rs 30,000 to Rs 1 Lakh, the price of four-wheelers usually start with Rs. 3 Lac and goes up as per the market trend. The maintenance cost, as well as fuel consumption of bikes, is quite less compared to that of a car. In most cases, even the cost of insurance for a bike is much cheaper than that of a car.

  1. Better Movement in Traffic: In highly congested areas, two-wheelers are best as they are compact and can be easily manoeuvred through small gaps. Easy manoeuvring saves time and lets you reach your destination faster.

  1. Easy to drive on any road: Two-wheelers can be easily driven on narrow roads as well as difficult terrains. Mountain roads can be a little difficult to tread on, but two-wheelers make it easy and much safer.

  1. Parking issues are at bay with two-wheelers: Because of its compact nature, two wheelers can be easily parked at places which have a paucity of space. With metropolitan cities where houses have limited parking space and markets are always jam packed, two-wheelers are a dream come true.                                                             

  2. No Toll Tax: While four wheelers have to pay toll tax for intercity travel, two wheelers are exempted from tax paying. This considerably reduces the travel cost and makes it more convenient.

  3. For Adrenaline junkies: Two-wheelers are immensely exciting during long road trips through different terrains. Though one should use all the safety biking gear on long trips; yet it feels amazing to drive a two-wheeler through mountains and picturesque views.

  4. Beat the heat: For many, riding a bike is more fun as it allows them to enjoy the light breeze reducing their stress levels to a great extent. No matter if the distance is short or long; one bike ride in the evening hours or at late night is all one needs for refreshment.


So, these are the top 7 advantages of riding a two-wheeler in the city. A bike trip is indeed more fun than a 4-wheeler trip, yet it’s important to follow up the rules properly to keep you safe.