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Ways To Get Rid Of Strong Plastic Odour Of Newly Purchased Cars

Congratulations on buying a new car. Now, you would need to get rid of the unpleasant plastic odour from your vehicle so that you and your loved ones have a pleasant experience inside the car. So, if you too are looking to eliminate that strong plastic odour from your newly purchased vehicle, here are some tips to help you:

Use a deodorising spray

You can purchase a deodorising spray that is designed for vehicles. Spray the interiors of your newly purchased car liberally, and after some time you will notice that the odour has substantially reduced. If you are lucky, it will disappear altogether.

Remove all plastic coverings

You may want to retain the plastic covers to shield the upholstery and steering wheel from getting dirty. However, this will make it next to impossible to get rid of the strong plastic smell. So, open the car windows and strip the plastic carefully from every inch of your vehicle to minimise the foul odour.

Keep small containers of baking soda

Baking soda is renowned for being an excellent absorber of odours. So, strategically place containers of baking soda in your car. Those noxious odours will get absorbed, and you will end up with a clean, fresh-smelling car. However, you will have to use this method for several days, making sure that you keep replacing the baking soda every day. Otherwise, the odour will stay put.

Place Car Fresheners

Car fresheners can also help to reduce plastic odour from your new car. While the freshener will not mask the plastic odour completely, it will go a long way making it more bearable. Use a lemon fragrance freshener to ensure you have clean, fresh aroma wafting through your car.

Speed with Windows Down

Keep the windows down when you are out taking your car for a spin. It will help to ventilate the vehicle and get rid of strong odours lurking in the interiors. Of course, like most other methods, this too will take time to eliminate the plastic smell.

Bake Out the Plastic Odour

In India, there is no dearth of hot sun rays. So, this could be just the method you want to use. Leave your newly purchased car in the hot sun for several hours. However, do remember to roll down the windows a couple of inches so that the noxious smell can escape. Heating the interiors causes the chemicals to be released into the air, and then the cross ventilation pushes them out of the vehicle before the interiors reabsorb them.

Place Fresh Lemon Slices in Your Car

Lemon has a refreshing aroma, and by placing fresh lemon slices on the dashboard and other areas where the citric acid cannot cause damage will help to make the vehicle smell fresh and fruity. However, make sure you replace the slices every day, or the lemon will start to rot.


Do let us know if these tips were helpful in eliminating the strong plastic smell in your brand new car.