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What To Do If Your Vehicle's Fuel Economy Suddenly Drops Down?

Depreciating fuel economy or mileage is quite common in vehicles today. Every owner wants his dream vehicle to deliver outstanding mileage. However, that’s not the case always. Your car might start suffering from reducing fuel economy, which is a critical issue in its on-road performance.

Whether it’s delivering astounding ride experience or fulfilling your driving requirement, a good fuel economy will always be of paramount significance. Hence it is important that it doesn’t go down drastically in quick time.

Here are some quick hacks to follow whenever there’s a drop in your vehicle’s fuel economy:

1.Engine Check-Ups

The engine is the heart of the vehicle. Quite naturally, systematic and regular check-ups will be significant. As a smart vehicle owner, you should get the engine checked and tested by experts at regular intervals. That will help you keep a tab on its performance and functioning.

2.The Tyre Pressure

As a smart, ingenious, and efficient vehicle owner, you will surely want to make the most of your fuel. Even the last drop can be saved and utilised in the right way if you check the tyre pressure at regular intervals. Under-inflated tyres can lead to huge problems. They burn more fuel and can increase your tyres’ rolling resistance. Make sure the tyres are inflated in the right way and have perfect pressure.

3.Say No to ‘Idle’ Time

Keeping the vehicle idle for a minute or so can burn a lot of fuel at one go! No idle-zones have become the need of the hour as most of the vehicle owners are striving hard to achieve that. Stopping and restarting the vehicle can save fuel, optimise fuel efficiency, and increase your vehicle’s performance. All these factors together will surely prevent the fuel economy (FE) from dropping too low!

4.Cruise Control

Utilising the cruise control is another great way of optimising fuel efficiency. You can save a whopping 6% on your fuel consumption while driving on highways.

5.Clean Battery Cables

Cleaning the battery cables at regular intervals is of paramount significance. Corroded cables use alternators which can lead to increased fuel consumption. Perform regular engine check-ups and clean battery cables. That will surely improve your vehicle’s fuel economy as well as the performance.

6.Changing Air Filters

If you are taking your vehicle out on the road in dusty conditions, make sure the air filter is clean. These components need regular cleaning, and it is here that the owner needs to follow stipulated guidelines. Functional air filters increase and upgrade your vehicle’s performance and durability.

Final Thoughts

Your vehicle is one of the most precious and prized possessions in your life. Quite naturally, you will want it to deliver amazing performances. Reduced and depreciated fuel efficiency will affect the car in ways more than one. These tips and suggestions will always help you keep your vehicle ahead.