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RC Book Lost? How to Get Duplicate RC Book/Smart Card

Did You Lose Your Vehicle’s RC?

During the process of buying your vehicle, one very important step is providing your dealer all the necessary documents for the Registration Certificate or your vehicle’s RC. As soon as the documentation is over in the RTO office, you will be able to walk away with your vehicle. But things do not end there. The RTO will send the RC book or Smart cards to the registered mailing address.

The RC book­­s/Smart Card can take anywhere between a couple of days up to a month’s time to be delivered to the registered address. Once you do get, it is always of paramount importance to have the same with your vehicle. That is because it is the source of truth for your vehicle. It contains all the important information about your vehicle such as engine number, chassis number and so on. And more importantly, it is a document of proof that your vehicle is registered with RTO office.

But, what happens if you lose your Vehicle’s RC?

Most of the vehicle owners take extremely good care of their vehicles. But there are things, you need to take even better care of such as your vehicle’s documents like the insurance papers and the RC book/smart card. However, there are instances where one might lose their RC book/smart card. Does it mean the end of the world? Certainly not. There are a few protocols that you need to follow in the event if you lose your vehicle’s RC.

How to Get Duplicate RC

  • As soon as you realize that you lose your vehicle’s RC, it is important to get to the nearest police station and lodge a complaint. You would need to provide details such as your RC number, address, vehicle details and contact number in the complaint.
  • The police department would then issue a challan to you which reads, ‘RC Lost’.
  • Once you have the challan, you need to visit the RTO’s website and download Form 26.
  • You then need to print the same and duly fill it up.
  • In the event that your vehicle is still on a loan, your financer needs to sign the filled-up Form 26.
  • If your vehicle is still on loan, you would need to reach out to your financer and get a NOC or no objection certificate stating that they do not have any objections if the RTO issues you a duplicate RC book/smart card.
  • Along with the form, you would need to submit a copy of the vehicle insurance policy, a copy of your driving license and a copy of the emission test.
  • You would need to submit all of these documents to the authority responsible for registration.
  • Along with the forms, you would need to submit the fees for issuing a duplicate RC book/smart card.

The Smart Way to Get Duplicate RC

The process can be a bit overwhelming for a few individuals. To ensure that they do not miss out on any step which might force them to visit the offices again and again, here are a few steps. These will help you tackle the situation with ease and get your hands on the RC book/smart card at the earliest.


  • The easier way to handle the situation would be to create a folder and keep all the mentioned documents in it. You can even go ahead and label it as ‘Duplicate RC Request’.
  • It is better to get an affidavit from a registered notary stating that you have lost the RC card/book along with the details of the book. You can do the same on a stamp paper worth INR 20.
  • The folder (along with the documents in it) must be submitted to the superintendent of the concerned RTO office.
  • Post the verification of the documents, the superintendent will sign them.
  • You would then need to visit the ARTO or Assistant Regional Transport Office for ID proof verification and get the forms attested.
  • You would then need to pay the required fees and collect the receipt.
  • The next step would be to verify the documents again with the superintendent who would also sign the receipt.
  • Post this, you would need to submit the document at the required counter and get an acknowledgment of the same.
  • You can then expect the RC smart card at your registered mailing address.

It must be noted that the process might vary a bit from state to state, but it remains more or less the same. Also, you must keep the road tax receipt handy, since some states look for it as well.

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