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  • Does a Health Policy Cover Dental Treatment in India?

    Dental treatments are usually not covered under the comprehensive health insurance plans in India. This is mainly because dental treatment is considered a cosmetic treatment, a permanent exclusion in most health insurance plans in the country.
  • What is Restoration Benefit in Health Insurance?

    Health Insurance Restoration benefit allows you to cover all expenses after exhausted the coverage amount due to hospitalization. To know more, read this article.
  • 10 Reasons Why You should Buy a Health Insurance in Your 20s

    Buying health insurance in your 20s is a good idea. It helps you to save money & brings other benefits. Look at this article to know more about the benefits of buying health insurance at an early age.
  • Check Your Health Insurance Claim Status Online

    It has become straightforward to track health insurance claims status online nowadays. This can be done remotely at any time with the advancements in health insurance.
  • Dental Insurance in India - What’s Covered, What’s Not

    Buy the best dental insurance in India online. If you are still contemplating the importance of having dental insurance coverage in your health plan, look at the benefits of having dental insurance.
  • What is Corona Kavach Health Insurance Policy?

    What is Corona Kavach Health Insurance Policy? Read this article to know the benefits and how to buy Corona Kavach policy online?



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