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Benefits Of Personal Accident Cover

No matter how intelligent you are in handling situations, there are some unforeseen situations that can lead you to big disasters, if you are not prepared enough to face them. Situations like sudden…

No matter how intelligent you are in handling situations, there are some unforeseen situations that can lead you to big disasters, if you are not prepared enough to face them. Situations like sudden health-related problems, road accidents and even death in a road mishap are unexpected. It takes few minutes to find yourself in a situation where you wish nobody would fall. Imagine, you stepped out of your house and suddenly a car hit you so hard that you directly land in a hospital or on a death bed, what will you do in such an unwanted situation? Personal Accident Cover is the only option to protect yourself and your family to face this uninvited situation. According to a study, Indian roads are more prone to accidents and even incidents of death on roads are very common. In such situation, Personal Accident Cover is a shield that keeps you financially protected in times of difficulties. You cannot deny the fact that there are lots of fascinating benefits of Personal Accident Cover that buying one is must.

If the bread-earning person of the family gets injured in an accident or in the worst case scenario he/she dies, then the survival of his/her family becomes difficult due to lack of financial support. To ensure that your family has a protective shield against any kind of financial impact after your demise, you must buy a Personal Accident Cover.



Death of the policyholder only in case of an accident. Injuries that are self-initiated like suicide attempts.
Permanent total disability of the policyholder in case of accident. Participating in risky events adventurous sports.
Permanent partial disability in case of accident. Injuries occurred due to intake of drugs or alcohol.
Total temporary disability and confinement to home for some weeks or months in case of accident. Injuries occurred due to man-made calamities like criminal activities, terrorists attack, etc.

Before Opting for Any Insurance, Let’s Have a Look on The Inclusions And Exclusions in This Personal Accident Cover:

Benefits of Personal Accident CoverIt’s always good to read terms and conditions before investing your hard-earned money while buying an insurance policy as it is not necessary that Personal Accident Cover includes all the above-mentioned benefits. Every company has its own terms and conditions to be applied. Before buying a policy, you need to understand the policy’s terms and conditions carefully to get the maximum benefits without any hassle at the time of making claim.

It is difficult for anyone to imagine themselves in a situation where they get bedridden due to an accident, especially when you are a breadwinner of your family. In such a situation Personal Accident Cover proved to be the best option to handle the financial expenses of your family even if you are not there with your family. The cover provides the following benefits.

  1. Death Cover- In case the insured died in an accident, the nominee will get the entire Sum Insured.
  2. Permanent Total Disability- The entire sum insured will be paid to the insured in case if he gets permanent total disability in an accident.
  3. Accident Hospitalization- Hospital expenses due to an accident which results in death or any kind of disability.
  4. Education Grant- Personal Accident cover gives you a benefit of education grant for the dependent children in case of death or permanent disability due to an accident.
  5. Permanent Partial Disability- In an unfortunate event of permanent partial disability in accident, the insured person will get a 100% of Sum insured depending on the level of disability.
  6. Temporary Total Disability- In case an insured person gets a temporary total disability and has got home confinement for weeks or may be months, this cover provides weekly benefits to thedisabled.

Still confused on whether to opt for personal accident cover or not? Go through the below mentioned advantages of getting yourself insured with the Personal Accident cover:

  1. Protect your family financially.
  2. No need for any medical check-up to avail the plan.
  3. Offers worldwide coverage.
  4. Hassle-free claim settlement.

No one can compensate the loss of a human life and neither can this policy, but this cover atleast provides your family a financial help to fulfill their daily needs. So, taking this cover is more sensible than leaving your family alone in the middle of this world with financial scarcity.

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