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Celebrate Freedom From Health Problems This Independence Day!

“You can’t enjoy the abundance of wealth if you’re not in good health.” You will splurge on huge medical bills like nothing else when dealing with health problems. As our honourable Prime Minister…

“You can’t enjoy the abundance of wealth if you’re not in good health.” You will splurge on huge medical bills like nothing else when dealing with health problems. As our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi has always focused on health, why not buy one of the best health insurance plans this Independence day to make yourself proud? We cannot let go of the diseases that may enter our bodies, but we can ensure that we get the best treatment. So, let us look at how we can get the best health insurance plan.

Importance of a Health Insurance Policy

As we all know, inflation in India is growing daily, making treatment more expensive. In such cases, a health insurance plan may benefit everyone's life. The only way to deal with these issues and afford appropriate medical treatment in times of medical emergency is to get the best health insurance plan and get independent from all the remedies.

  • Secures Your Family: A health insurance policy protects you and covers your entire family under a health insurance policy (Family Health Insurance). Almost every health insurance provider in India provides a family health insurance plan that allows you to protect yourself and your family.
  • Reduces Financial Burden: The value of health insurance in safeguarding your money is enormous. You can keep your savings and utilise them for other objectives, such as purchasing a home or paying for your child's education.
  • Tax Benefits: Planning for the future should not drain your current income. The Government of India provides tax breaks for obtaining a health insurance policy. Refer to Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961. Although tax advantages are subject to vary.
  • Counter Medical Inflation: As you are aware, medical care is costly these days due to the country's significant inflation. A comprehensive health insurance plan can help you deal with medical inflation by providing financial protection in a medical emergency.

Eligibility Criteria to Buy a Health Insurance Policy

The following are the eligibility conditions for purchasing a health insurance plan in India:

Eligibility Criteria


Entry Age for Adults

18 to 65 years

Entry Age for Children

90 days to 25 years

Pre-medical checkup

Above the age of 45/55/60 years

Pre-existing Disease (PED) waiting period

2 years to 4 years

Does Health Insurance Policies Cover Covid-19?

The COVID-19 epidemic is currently the most severe medical problem globally. According to the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), all health insurance policies in India must cover the cost of COVID-19 therapy and hospitalisation. If the insured has been hospitalised for more than 24 hours following the diagnosis of COVID-19, the cost of hospitalisation will be paid by health insurance plans.

Buy Health Insurance Policies Online

This independence day, the best way to buy health insurance is by going online. Health insurance online has become the simplest way to buy health insurance. Here are the steps to determine the easiest way to buy health insurance online.

  • Go to the insurance company’s official website and click on the “Health Insurance” tab.
  • Select the desired policy.
  • Enter all the required information.
  • Click on the “Buy Now” button and make the payment.
  • The health insurance company will send the policy documents to your email address.

Tips to Select the Best Health Insurance Policy Online

Here are some measures to take while evaluating the value of health insurance in your life.

  • Check Your Needs: The value of health insurance varies depending on one's financial and physical situation. Take the time to consider why and how health insurance is essential to you before making a purchase.
  • Compare Health Insurance Online: It’s crucial to check all the benefits you will get from the insurance plan. The best way to get the best health insurance policy is by comparing it online.
  • Make Sure it is Cheap: When purchasing health insurance, the budget is crucial. However, you should examine the plan advantages before the plan pricing. It is an excellent option to purchasing a reasonably cost health insurance policy at the outset to guarantee that you are appropriately insured and that the premiums are also cheap.
  • Check Network Hospitals: Once you've narrowed down your selection of health plans, see if your favourite hospitals and physicians are part of their hospital network. Always go with an insurance company that has a global network of hospitals.


Life is unpredictable, and you never know what may happen, so it is always better to stay cautious. Buy the best health insurance possible, so you never get into trouble and reap the benefits of the policy in future, if needed. We wish you the best health this independence day, as insurance is freedom.

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