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Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan Covers Multiple Health Ailment Conditions

The undeniable fact that a comprehensive health insurance policy and its management are of utmost importance, with the advancement in time, the need for health care for yourself and your family is…

The undeniable fact that a comprehensive health insurance policy and its management are of utmost importance, with the advancement in time, the need for health care for yourself and your family is increasing day by day. But with a large variety of policies and plans in the market one may end up being confused. The hassle of planning and paperwork to reach a comprehensive and easy on pocket policy leaves you worrisome! How to enquire about the best policy coverage for your family?

What is a Health Insurance Policy?

Comprehensive health insurance plans are setups that a health insurance policy ensures that you can avail cashless treatment at a network hospital without having to pay for them, typically covering 30 days and 60 days pre and post-hospitalization, respectively, in most of the Health Insurance plans. The plans provide basic coverage and one can have additional add on services with basic additional costs. The add-on services may include regular checkups, specific disabilities etc. People generally invest in the popular coverage of health insurance policies to ensure comprehensive security, which caters to several health ailments that require expensive medical treatment.

The insurance coverage plans have upgraded their game and improved their offerings with a wide-angled vision of options and requirements. For example, health plans for families offer complete coverage for all the family members under one roof giving them the ease of monetary aspects in case of any medical emergency. The hospital bills, including the coverage of medical expenses and other pre and post-hospitalization, are now included in a lot of policies of health care insurance services. The policies provide you with additional assets in some cases like pre-existing disorders or diseases. This coverage is given once you have already purchased the policy and have passed a certain time period. Once the comprehensive medical insurance policy is purchased, in case of any medical issue, one can claim their expenses and ask for reimbursement for the medical coverage of hospital expenses.

People purchasing comprehensive health insurance and paying the premium annually for their coverage are also exempted in tax as per the taxation laws (80D of ITA, 1961) This rebate in tax is fixed for a certain amount with a specific range based on your policy perks. The government provides concession in tax-paying for policy purchasers as per the policy offerings.

Adding to the policy perks are the new innovative features introduced by a few companies which include the expenses of OPD. The expenses are now covered in some plans offered by the insurer and they may or may not need hospitalization for at least 24 hours for the claim of their reimbursement. Independent OPD plans are also provided by the insurers to give ease and convenience to the patient and their family.

Points To Remember!

Most comprehensive health insurances provide you with add-ons as needed but you need to be sure of certain key points in order to purchase the best suitable policy. It should clearly know that the exact sum ensured by the policy is taken under the account and is clearly noted by you before the purchase. One should be well-versed with the policy intricacies and the exact premium that has to be paid for the total policy coverage. One should be vigilant about the listing of hospitals in the policy and the networking of hospitals in the policy coverage. The ratio of policy settlement and claim along with limitations if any should be clearly stated in the policy guidelines to allow you the have the best fit comprehensive health insurance policy for you and your family!

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