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Conjunctivitis on the Prowl- What You Need to Know

Did you know that 250-300 people suffering from conjunctivitis were treated over the last two weeks at the BMC-run Murli Deora Eye Hospital? The official statement released by the Brihanmumbai…

Did you know that 250-300 people suffering from conjunctivitis were treated over the last two weeks at the BMC-run Murli Deora Eye Hospital? The official statement released by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) mentions this fact, testifying to the growing count of conjunctivitis cases throughout the city in this period. The civic authority is appealing to people to quickly visit their eye doctors in case they experience any swelling, pain, or other discomforts in their eyes. Citizens are also being advised to take suitable precautions on a daily basis in order to stave off the issue.

What’s Happening and Why

Doctors state that the increasing humidity throughout the rainy season is one of the biggest conjunctivitis causes, leading to what they call a breeding ground for such contagious ailments. This naturally leads to the rapid spread of diseases like conjunctivitis. People report swollen or watery eyes with a sticky fluid discharge alongside. The symptoms of conjunctivitis also include a lot of heaviness and itchiness, while people cannot tolerate bright sunlight or glare. The BMC has already mentioned how it is imperative for affected people to avoid rubbing or touching their eyes every now and then. They have also been advised to keep washing their eyes with water on a regular basis.

The most important thing is to maintain a distance from all other people throughout the period of the infection, which is mostly 5-6 days on average. Home remedies are not advisable since an eye specialist should be consulted for the right medication to cure the disease. The BMC has also taken steps to ensure that these are well-stocked throughout all its hospitals.

What Doctors are Saying

There are several insights garnered from doctors which may be useful in conjunctivitis season-

  • There are bacterial conjunctivitis and viral conjunctivitis varieties.
  • Conjunctivitis is also known as pink eye.
  • Eye conjunctivitis is common among people of all ages.
  • These infections are also seen in spring or summer owing to the higher pollen content throughout the air. Pollution and environmental changes may also lead to the condition.
  • Improper air circulation within rooms and those already suffering from the disease may also rapidly infect other people.
  • The disease does not spread through the air as wrongfully perceived. However, those suffering from conjunctivitis may spread it by touching or rubbing their eyes before touching other people.
  • eye infection is the commonest among young children who cannot strictly maintain proper hygiene while going through the infection period.
  • These cases usually clear up within a week.
  • Disposable tissues should be used by individuals for wiping their eyes instead of a handkerchief.
  • Common symptoms initially include swelling, redness, and discharge. The eye doctor should be consulted immediately in case of these symptoms.

Conjunctivitis Treatment

Treatment for conjunctivitis usually depends on its type or variety. Doctors state that 15-20 patients are regularly treated at city hospitals and other parts of the State. They are prescribing antibacterial, and antibiotic eye drops in case of bacterial conjunctivitis cases. At the same time, allergic conjunctivitis is treated with specific lubricating or anti-allergic drops. Those with viral conjunctivitis are being recommended rest for the condition to heal on its own. They are also advised on specific treatments on the basis of their symptoms.

According to doctors, patients should be more careful about allergic conjunctivitis. You should also skip purchasing over-the-counter medicines since self-medication may lead to several extra complications, including vision loss as well. Hence, consult your doctor immediately if you witness any such symptoms or suffer from conjunctivitis. Nothing should be done without his/her advice.

Given the wave of conjunctivitis across parts of India, you and your loved ones could be at risk of it. Taking health insurance that covers conjunctivitis is a sensible and economical way to prevent yourself from unforeseen medical bills.

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