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Does Your Health Insurance Policy Cover Accident Injuries?

There is a possibility that you might have purchased an insurance policy and you have been regularly paying insurance premium but there was no circumstance that you had to use it. In fact, it is a…

There is a possibility that you might have purchased an insurance policy and you have been regularly paying insurance premium but there was no circumstance that you had to use it. In fact, it is a great situation and the insurance premium is one such a premium that everyone wants to get wasted. But when the need arises, it stands like a shield to protect an individual. It is imperative to focus on the increase in number of road accidents in the last decade to understand the importance of having an insurance coverage. It may not be easy to predict an accident, but it is always easy to be cautious and be preventive. The best way of staying preventive is by having an insurance policy. However, the main question is “Does your Health Insurance policy cover accident injuries?” You may be pretty sure you have a health insurance policy but is it necessary to get into an accident or the regular policy covers you! Let’s find out!

Let us walk through the below guide lines to acquire an awareness on accidental coverage in health insurance.

  • It is mandatory to know that all insurance companies do not offer accidental coverage in your regular health insurance policy. However, you are entitled to a special option of personal accident insurance which you can either opt for or not. Get to know this aspect before you try to buy a policy.
  • There is every possibility that the companies which offer an insurance coverage for accidents by default may come up with the concept of upper limit on the coverage for each of the medical services offered. For example, the ambulance charges, hospital room tariff, a medical consultant’s fee etc. are all categorized to upper ceiling by the insurance companies.
  • Ensure that you are going through the policies, terms and conditions with utmost care while buying an insurance policy to get a confirmation that accidental coverage is included in your routine health insurance policy. You may get in touch with the insurance company to know about this inclusion.
  • If you include the personal accident insurance coverage element in your routine health insurance policy, it may be little expensive for you, but it is worth it. This can get rid of the anxiety of road accident coverage and you don’t have to ask yourself “Does my Health insurance policy cover accident injuries?”

Your Health Insurance Policy and its Radius on Accidental Coverage:

Of late, many insurance companies started offering a stipulated amount of insurance coverage on accidents apart from the routine health coverage. However, there is an additional charge as mentioned earlier in the terms and conditions with specific details. Insurance consultants always suggest you to get the personal accident insurance element included in your policy with the payment of nominal additional charges in order to prevent unforeseen issues and claim denials in future.

Simultaneously, your vehicle insurance policy also can be included with personal accident coverage if your health insurance policy does not have this aspect included. Insurance policy covering accident injuries irrespective of a little additional income is an advantage to the insured protecting the life interests in future.

Be it an investment in mutual funds or an insurance policy or any other financial aspect to that matter, it is very essential to know the details carefully. Presumptions are not advised as the fact is that all the accident claims, or the medical expenditures are not covered by most of the health insurance policies unless they are focused upon. All insurance companies maintain their own norms and conditions and the coverage elements are different from one policy to the other. The difference between the prices may look huge but inflation can make any premium look smaller in the coming years and the benefit is undoubtedly very high when there is a road mishap. So, stop assumptions on your insurance policy covering accident injuries and start getting aware of your policies.

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