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Who is Eligible for Health Insurance

Choosing an apt health insurance plan can be a complicated task. Knowing eligibility criteria before selecting and comparing a plan can make this process little easier. Know your eligibility for…

Choosing an apt health insurance plan can be a complicated task. Knowing eligibility criteria before selecting and comparing a plan can make this process little easier. Know your eligibility for health insurance before you start looking for options for health insurance.

The Indian government has launched Ayushman Bharat National Health Protection Scheme to provide up to 5 lakh health coverage per year to per family. The scheme will cover approximately 50 crore families with low cost hospitalization and medical charges. Without doubt, we all need a health insurance to avail better health facilities with no cutting deep into the pocket. With the availability of a variety of plans, choosing the best one could be a knotty task. You can make this task little simple by knowing the eligibility for health insurance beforehand.

Need of Health Insurance

Different market studies prove that modern lifestyle is making all of us more prone to illness and as a result of this most of us are leading to unwanted health issues. The consequences of these issues result some serious health problems and for the treatment of the same you would need huge money. Everyone wants to get the best health facility but for a normal Indian it’s not easy. In such scenario, a health insurance plan acts a real savior. As a result, in the past few years the health insurance industry has become one among the fastest growing segments in India and all the leading insurance companies are offering a number of health insurance plans with extended features like wider coverage and aid-on benefits;

Features of Health Insurance

  • A health insurance could help you to get the cover against the medical expenses, pre and post hospitalization.
  • It pays for domiciliary expenses, ambulance charges, room rent, ICU charges and many more.
  • The plan offers coverage against consultations, investigations and medicines, etc. related to your illness.
  • It also provides cashless medical treatment facility in all network hospitals.
  • Some plans also offer daily cash allowance.

Who is eligible for health Insurance in India?

What is the eligibility for health insurance? Am I eligible for buying this plan? When you start looking for buying a health insurance plan, these are the key questions which would strike in your or a buyer’s mind. For buying an apt health insurance plan, you have to consider the key factors like, age, premium, coverage, discounts etc. Let’s understand one by one;

Minimum Entry Age: A policy hunter can buy among family floater plans as they cover whole family in a single premium. The minimum age from which you can avail the health insurance benefits for your kid is 16 days to 18 years. The coverage will vary as per the age of each beneficiary of this plan.

Medical Condition: If you are buying a health insurance after the age of 45, you may have to undergo a medical exam for getting a health cover. In some cases, pre-medical tests are mandatory for buying a health insurance. After age, your health condition is the 2nd most important factor that the insurance companies consider to set the premium amount of your health insurance plan. If your insurer doesn’t ask for medical tests, in that case you are supposed to submit a declaration of good health. In the declaration, you have to confirm all about your pre-existing medical conditions. If you are in good health, in that situation, your insurer can offer you competitive premium rates.  It will also benefit during the time of making a claim.

Check List for Buying an Effective Health Insurance Plan

No claim Bonus: You will be eligible to get a No Claim Bonus (NCB) for not making a claim in a policy year. You can avail this benefit during the time of renewal of your plan.

Family Discount: When your family members are covered in the plan, insurance companies offer this discount at a flat rate depending on the total number of members being covered in the plan.

Usually health insurance companies try to offer the best coverage and go well with the needs of maximum policy buyers. So, in order to buy the best health insurance plan first verify your eligibility for health insurance.

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