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Get Cancer & Heart Insurance if You're Planning to Buy Health Insurance

Taking care of you and your loved one's health is an utmost priority. While we take care of the necessities of life, like a well-paid job in a metropolitan city, the urban life comes wrapped with the…

Taking care of you and your loved one's health is an utmost priority. While we take care of the necessities of life, like a well-paid job in a metropolitan city, the urban life comes wrapped with the envelope of a hectic lifestyle, rising pollution levels, and unhealthy food habits. They are the reasons why lifestyle-related diseases and chronic ailments are on the rise in the country. Especially in the times that we are living in, where our fast-paced life is synonymous with an ample amount of stress, anxiety, and tension, it is essential to be aware of the benefits of buying a good health insurance plan.

Investing in good health insurance plans covers you with adequate funds to afford the quality and frequency of treatments without taking a toll on your savings. The healthcare industry in India is developing, and hence getting treatment for chronic ailments is expensive enough to put a dent on your lifetime savings.


While investing your money in a health insurance cover, you need to take care of certain things.Make sure that you are aware of every inclusion and exclusion that your policy provides. Do not skip reading the lengthy paragraphs as they contain important information regarding the working of the system and claim. Go through every detail or ask your agent to describe each term and condition with full knowledge to understand the policy better.


Also, we suggest you invest in a fixed benefit health insurance plan and the group health insurance policy that the company provides. You must be wondering why to have two systems cover at one time. The answer is that these two policies, when concocted together, offer combined benefits against all the health conditions.


A primary health insurance policy provides hospitalization expenses and treatment costs for pre-specified illnesses. The cost of the procedure is also a specific sum that is assured. A group health insurance plan is not sufficient to meet every medical expense incurred.


However, a fixed benefit health insurance plan covers you for critical diseases. Ailments like heart and cancer conditions drain a considerable amount of sum for treatment. Every session is expensive, along with medicines and therapies. And a basic insurance plan does not provide adequate support for these conditions. In these cases, a fixed benefit of health insurance can be a lifesaver. The country has also witnessed a surge in the number of critical illnesses in the last few decades. If we talk about the numbers, the number of cancer cases is expected to cross 17.3 lakh by 2020. Similarly, heart ailments have also seen a significant rise in the last few decades. This state of critical illnesses has called for the need of fixed benefit health plans.


Here are some benefits that you can avail of if you consider buying a fixed benefit health insurance.

  1. The policy offers a massive amount of money as a lump sum. Ailments like heart conditions and cancer also require a lot of money for treatments. If diagnosed by any, one can claim the lump sum by the insurer. The amount can be used in paying hospital bills along with additional expenses that come around with it.

  2. A fixed benefit health insurance lets you avail of treatment at any preferred hospital. This is one of the key benefits of investing in such a policy as the person is not bound to be admitted to one of the mentioned hospitals. He or she can take opinions from the desired hospitals to receive maximum benefits of the treatment.

  3. Once you submit the diagnosis report, the insurer pays you the money upfront without any hassles of extra paperwork. This policy does not require you to provide all incurred bills and tests. It ensures that the policyholder gets immediate help for the treatment.

  4. Once a person is diagnosed with critical illnesses, he takes a long time to recover and return to work. In such cases, investing in a fixed benefit health policy ensures that the lump sum takes care of the family's monthly needs. This takes off the burden as it acts as an income substitute compared to the basic policy plans that only reimburses the hospitalization bills.

  5. Investing in such a policy also makes you less worried and more prepared. The policy provides enough flexibility for coverage and disbursal.

  6. The fixed benefit health insurance plan resumes instantly after the lump sum is paid for selected diseases.

With such sorted benefits, you should consider availing plans that cover critical illnesses like heart conditions and cancer. This provides you with dual protection that can be very useful for you and your family's future.

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