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Health Insurance for Differently Abled Individuals

Census report of 2011 drew a conclusion that there are approximately 26.8 million people suffering from various chronic disabilities in India and to cater to their needs, there aren’t many insurance…

Census report of 2011 drew a conclusion that there are approximately 26.8 million people suffering from various chronic disabilities in India and to cater to their needs, there aren’t many insurance companies to offer health insurance for differently able individuals on critical ailments. Despite these companies offering few policies for them, they don’t really give complete benefits to the policy holders. The insurance experts across the country wonder why the insurance industry is not offering comprehensive health insurance coverage to the differently able people who have already faced the nature’s wrath in the form of a disability. However, these communities have given tough competition to the normal individuals with their endurance levels and have achieved remarkable mile stones irrespective of the disability to compel the rest of the community to call them differently able persons. They are differently able for sure for their unwavering spirit. However, it is a fact that a good Mediclaim policy for handicapped person can cater to their health needs.

In spite of the Indian government launching various life insurance plans for physically handicapped, the actual benefits are very basic and are not comprehensive in nature to cover the whopping medical expenditures. However, some private insurance companies offer a decent coverage to the people with disabilities. But they are generally very expensive with high insurance premiums. To put it in a nut shell, the insurance opportunities for differently able people are very minimal in comparison to those of normal people. Before we delve much on this, we should know what does it take to consider a person as differently able?

Birth Disabilities

These are generally the congenital anomalies a person suffers from birth. These include, cardiac disabilities, Cerebral Palsy, Fragile X syndrome, Cystic Fibrosis, Spina Bifida etc.

Disabilities Due to Accidents

This is usually a medical disability caused due to an accident. People with broken or impaired limbs and hands are under this category. People who get partial or complete blindness due to an accident are considered under this category.

Mental Disability

Any mental illness or ailments can be considered as mental disabilities and a policy covers individuals with behavioral issues or psychiatric impairments. Since people with mental disability and birth disabilities are considered as high risk cases, they are hence not covered completely under critical illness plans. But it varies for people with accidental disabilities as they are covered under a policy. Accidental benefit is provided as an inclusion of the plan or as an individual benefit.

Health insurance plans offered by the Government of India

The government of India in order to cater to the health insurance necessities of differently able individuals offers few insurance policies although they are not in customized manner for critical illnesses. Nirmalya health insurance, Swavalambana health insurance are few such plans specially crafted for people with different abilities. While the former is exclusively meant for mentally retarded people, the later is meant for all the people with disabilities. Apart from these government policies, few private companies are also offering life insurance plans for physically handicapped.

Usually, the scale of risk determines the eligibility of coverage in the case of insurance for disabled people. However, it is definitely not the only element but there are many other factors that affect the eligibility of an insurance seeker.

Factors that Impact the Eligibility of a Policy

Existing Health Condition: The current health condition is the primary element an insurer takes into account before offering an insurance plan to a person with disabilities. Past two months is the general time period scrutinized to evaluate the risk. The criticality of the illness decides the eligibility.

Financial status of the family: The issuance of an insurance policy to the disabled applicant depends on the overall income of the family. The insurance company offers an apt policy to an individual on this basis only. The premium also is fixed basing on the quantum of the family income.

Premium Paying capability: As we all know, each insurance policy has its own variable premium. The insurance company evaluates the policy seekers’ bank statements and accounts and will understand whether the applicant is eligible for the policy or not.

If a person is suffering from disorders of body mobility, it is easier to get an insurance policy. Amputated feet or legs, learning disorders, speech issues, blindness etc. fetch an insurance coverage easily. But it is necessary to be available with diagnosis reports from a registered doctor to help the insurance company with necessary documents. It is important for the policy seekers to evaluate the quantum of premium and coverage to call it as a good insurance plan as it saves them against all the health odds which are very vulnerable in their life. Life insurance plans for physically handicapped are a boon to those who have an impaired body and a strong mind to beat all the odds of life. It is in fact a way of challenging nature’s challenges in the best possible way.

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