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Super Top-Up Health Insurance Plan – All You Need To Know

With the increasing recurrence of the rarest and fatal diseases amongst people we closely know, hospitalisation’s skyrocketing expenses become a concern for everyone. It can become a significant…

With the increasing recurrence of the rarest and fatal diseases amongst people we closely know, hospitalisation’s skyrocketing expenses become a concern for everyone. It can become a significant reason for ruining one’s finances.

What is top-up health insurance?

One might think and get relaxed, knowing that I am already covered with life insurance. But when life needs something more, then we ought to expect that something more from our insurance plan as well.  This ‘something more’ is a “top-up insurance plan”. Most of the time supplements an existing health insurance cover at a reasonable cost and sometimes provides additional benefits. To put it in simple words, a top-up plan is a regular health insurance policy covering hospitalisation costs but only after a certain limit, known as a deductible, is crossed. A deductible is a portion of the claim amount that the insurer is not covered and then has to be paid by the policyholder before the benefits of the top-up policy starts.

Super top-up health insurance

Similar to this is super top-up insurance. Super top-up health insurance is also an extension of an existing health insurance plan. It comes into the picture when one has already exhausted the existing claim amount during a year.

What makes Super top-up health insurance ‘super’?

How is super top-up health insurance different from a top-up health insurance plan?

Both the plans seem similar as they offer assistance if the medical expenditure exceeds the base amount covered by the insurance policy. The edge a super top-up plan has over a top-up plan is that a super top-up plan covers claims for cumulative medical expenses within a policy year once you’ve exceeded the deductible. In contrast, a regular top-up only covers claims when a single claim goes above the deductible.

Both plans offer almost similar tax benefits. The plan you choose will depend on your requirements and health condition. A top-up plan may suffice if you do not suffer any significant health issues or are not afflicted by a chronic ailment. But in case of any affliction that may require multiple or frequent hospitalisations, do consider the super top-up plan.

Super Top-Up Health Insurance Advantages

  • Single payment of deductibles: The deductible amount needs to be paid only once with super – top-up insurance which can be later claimed multiple times in a year. Super, isn’t it?
  • Takes care during Pandemics: Covid-19 is keeping us all at the brim of our health security and financial crisis. The super – top-up insurance plans cover fatalities like COVID – 19 even though it’s a pandemic.
  • Customisation of the super – top policy as per your health needs: As healthcare remains individual, so does a super top-up policy. Customize your plan suited to your requirements. One can choose from 1, 2, 3, and 5 lakhs deductibles and the sum insured can be chosen between Rs 10 lakhs and 20 lakhs
  • Room rent of your choice: Just like healthcare needs, the requirements of a room can also differ from one person to another. Have your preferences and make your choice because a super top-up plan allows you to pick any hospital room you prefer.
  • Convenient online handling: Just like all other facilities, this one also allows a customer to go online.

Why should you get super top-up health insurance? 

  • Increasing healthcare costs: With inflation, healthcare also goes on a rise. One might cut – down on other things but healthcare cannot be compromised upon.
  • Extra Tax savings: Super top-up health insurance comes up with a tax benefit of up to Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 75,000.
  • Larger coverage for seniors and loved ones: With an increase in age, there is also an increase in medical needs. A super top-up policy helps you cover the extensive requirements at a much lower cost.
  • Preparation for the unforeseen: We sure have taken our lessons from 2020 to expect all the uncertainties. But such uncertain times should not become a cause of health anxieties or financial crisis. A super top-up saves you from such a burn-a-hole-in-the-pocket kind of situation.
  • Ensuring a higher sum: A super top-up plan helps to get coverage over any corporate plan at a much lower premium.

Important things to keep in mind when getting a super – top-up health policy 

  • Your basic health policy should be adequate to allow coverage of facilities that can be needed at the time of hospitalisation. After knowing the size of the basic health policy, one can get a super top-up policy.
  • Make sure to check the right deductible limit. This should be your regular health insurance cover ideally.
  • One should consider the various options that a super top plan offers: maximum pre and post-hospitalisation coverage, no claim benefit, coverage amount etc.
  • Check the list of hospitals covered available in the super top-up policy.

Therefore, one must evaluate all the existing and new options available before picking a cover. A guide like RenewBuy can help you make a way to a more secure and stress-free life. Therefore, a super top-up policy can be for you, your parents, or your loved ones. Balance all your options and make the best choice suited to your healthcare needs and requirements.

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