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Overseas Medical Insurance: Do You Need It While Travelling Abroad?

You are more vulnerable to medical emergencies while travelling abroad as you are exposed to different climatic conditions in the unknown terrain. Just like India, medical and health care expenses…

You are more vulnerable to medical emergencies while travelling abroad as you are exposed to different climatic conditions in the unknown terrain. Just like India, medical and health care expenses are quite high in foreign countries and any medical emergency during travel can jeopardize the entire plan. A comprehensive travel insurance cover takes care of medical costs and ensure safety.

Overseas Medical Insurance Benefits

Buying international travel insurance is easy and can be purchased online. Moreover, having travel insurance covers you against loss of checked-in baggage, loss of passport, medical emergencies, personal accident, liability cover etc. depending on the policy you are opting for. 

Whether it is your solo trip, vacation, or a business trip, travel insurance is a must when you are going for an international trip. It is a way to ensure that in case there is any financial loss due to theft of luggage or any medical emergency, it is covered. Having travel insurance keeps you worry-free during the trip. Multi-trip travel insurance is also available if you are a frequent traveller. 

The most important aspect of your life is health. There is a saying that if health is gone everything is gone. In case you visit abroad countries, then you should have a medical cover that covers your health, for any sort of health emergency that might occur during travelling.

Overseas Medical Insurance Coverage

An overseas health insurance plan covers all the medical expenses incurred outside India, which includes sickness, bodily injuries, or contracted diseases. All the overseas health insurance provider companies have a medical service network to provide support in case of medical emergencies overseas.

Overseas Medical Insurance really required?

There is a probable possibility that when you land in a different country, the weather might or might not suit you and lead you to fall sick. The overall climate change can make you sick. So, it is recommended to have a travel insurance policy to cover all the financial expenses due to any medical emergency.

In case of hospitalized due to an accident, an overseas health insurance plan that comes with an international travel plan comes to rescue you. The plan also covers permanent disability or death if it occurs when you are dead in an accident. 

Does Overseas Medical Insurance cover dental treatment?

A few companies also offer dental cover and others with some clauses. For example, in case of injury to teeth or acute pain. It is recommended to read the plan in detail for dental treatment and then make an informed choice.

In case of an extreme medical emergency, if the insured has to be sent back to home urgently, then it is covered. This also depends on company to company. 

Food is another matter that should be considered when you are abroad- If there is a case of medical emergency due to food then the insured gets the amount of treatment.

Is travelling with an existing disease safe?

Mostly, an international health travel policy does not cover any pre-existing disease(s). However, there are a few companies that might offer cover an existing disease under their international travel plan.

Buying an individual overseas health insurance would be a suitable option for medical check-ups, maternity cover, regular check-ups etc. This way, the plan will take care of all the medical expenses that may incur while living abroad for a long period.

In case you are visiting a country for a short period, say for a tour or work purposes, it is advisable to opt for an international travel plan. If you are going abroad for studies or for some long period, then buy an overseas health insurance plan or international health insurance policy.

The premium for an overseas health insurance plan differs from company to company and depends on the number of days you will be staying abroad. There are different travel insurance plans for individuals, family, senior citizens and students. Select an appropriate option depending on your purpose of making a visit abroad. Moreover, premium for an overseas health insurance plan also differs from company to company. So, to make an informed choice, you are advised to go through the coverages of the policy thoroughly and then make an informed choice. 


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