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Planning To Take A Global Health Insurance Policy?

Planning to Take a Global Health Insurance Policy People who are trotting the globe need to cover themselves against health risks while abroad. A global health insurance policy works outside the…

Planning to Take a Global Health Insurance Policy

People who are trotting the globe need to cover themselves against health risks while abroad. A global health insurance policy works outside the country of residence and protects policyholders and policy members from covered health conditions. You may take an overseas health insurance for self and family members. Choose an international medical insurance plan on the basis of your global stay needs. If you are an expat or expatriate you may consider specific expat health insurance or expatriate health insurance plans.

Medical Insurance for Globe Trotters

Globe trotters are on frequent tours abroad. For them an international medical insurance plan would work best that would cover them against health risks in the resident country as well as while abroad. If you are a frequent visitor abroad then it is best for you to choose a global medical insurance plan that would provide cover against health risks at all locations of the globe you visit. You must specifically ask for the inclusion of those places which you will be visiting during the year. Look for aglobal health insurance plan witha flexible geographical scope that allows you to add or delete locations if your location is not fixed.

Global Medical Insurance for Tourists

You may not be a frequent traveler abroad. If you are visiting foreign destinations occasionally or once in a while then you can apply for instant global travel insurance along with your travel tickets. Global travel insurance will include cover for listed health conditions, accident, flight cancellation, and loss of passport, loss of tickets, baggage loss, thefts, and third-party liability among other major covers. A traveler can choose to be covered against major travel risks right from the time s/he steps out of home till return to home.

Global Medical Insurance for Students

Students who have taken up study in foreign institutions can opt for student travel insurance plan. Student travel insurance plan includes cover for health and accident and other major travel risks. Travel insurance plan works till the time student is aboard. After reaching the destination, the student would need to take up medical insurance in the country where education is being pursued.

Global Medical Insurance for Expatriates

Residents may be sent abroad as expatriates for certain tenure on assignments by Government or company. Expatriates in foreign countries can choose an expat health insurance plan that covers them for health conditions for specific tenure in the country of expatriation. Expats who need to travel to other global places for work can take up expatriate health insurance of flexible geographical scope.

Global Medical Insurance for Business Travelers

Business travelers have specific insurance needs. They need insurance while aboard on international and domestic vehicles. Business travelers should choose overseas insurance that have flexible geographical cover features. Overseas insurance for business people should include overseas health insurance among other risk covers.

Global Insurance Coverage

Major covers inclusive under global insurance can be:

On-Board Health Insurancethis includes cover for an emergency situation while being aboard on flight or cruise. On-board health insurance can be made to include all vehicular travel while travelling within a country territory or from one country to another.

Accident Insurance: Risk of accidents in foreign destinations cannot be ruled out. Personal accident cover includes cover for death/disability due to an accident in a foreign location.

Critical Illnesses Insurance: critical illness insurance may be included if stay in a foreign location is for long as in case of students or expats.

Third Party Liability Insurance: liabilities cover provides safeguard against accidental third-party death or injury and third-party property damage in a foreign destination.

Legal Hassles Insurance: Getting entangled in legal matters in a foreign location can prove to be quite a hassle as visitors are unaccustomed to foreign land regulations. It makes sense to get legal hassles cover included in an overseas insurance policy for complete peace of mind.

Loss and Theft Insurance: Loss and theft cover includes loss and damage cover for property, loss of passport, loss of ticket, flight cancellation, loss of money/wealth and other losses.

Hospital Expenses Cover: Hospital expenses cover includes hospital treatment cover, pre and post hospitalization cover and caretaking person expenses cover.

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