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Day Care Treatments Covered Under Health Insurance

What is Day Care Procedure?

Medical science is advancing at a rapid pace all over the world. The industry is now equipped with modern science technologies that save lives and a lot of time. Earlier, a lot of surgical procedures used to require weeks of hospitalization, but nowadays, these treatments can be done within 24 hours, and patients do not need to stay a day longer in the hospital bed. This short-term stay at the hospital is termed as “Daycare procedure.”

The Daycare procedures include cataract, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, dialysis, angiography, tonsillectomy, lithotripsy, etc. you can find a detailed list of the daycare procedures that are covered by your policy plan in the documents. One can also look for the details on the company’s website.

There is often a misconception regarding the health insurance providers that the insurance only covers the treatments that require a patient to be admitted to the hospital for a longer time. This is inaccurate. Most of the health benefit plans cover daycare procedures as a part of their policy.

What are the advantages of a Day Care Health Insurance Plan?

Due to technological advancements, surgical procedures and treatment do not require extended hospitalizations, but at the same time, they can be costly. This is where daycare health insurance can help you.

Most of the health insurance providers have a list of daycare procedures that their specific plan covers. This might be a trap for customers who often tend to choose a project with a higher number of systems covered. One has to look beyond this aspect and check for further factors like cashless facility, age limit, co-pay, sub-limit, etc. as they play a crucial role at the time of claim.

Day Care Treatments List

Here is the day care treatment list:



Ophthalmology - Eyes treatment

·  Cataract operation.

·  Removal of the foreign body.

·  Corneal incision.

·  Tear duct operations.

·  Eyelid incision.

·  Corrective surgery for entropion, ectropion.

Nose and Nasal Sinus

·  Nasal sinus aspiration.

·  Operation on nasal concha.

·  Other operations on the nose.

·  Foreign body removal.

Operation of the Ear

·  Stapedotomy.

·  Stapedectomy.

·  Operations on the auditory ossicles.

·  Tympanoplasty (closure of an eardrum perforation)

·  Operations on the middle ear.

·  Reconstruction of the middle ear.

·  Incision of the inner ear.

·  Other operations on the inner ear.


·  Reconstruction of the tongue.

·  Glossectomy.

·  Other operations on the tongue.

Orthopedics - Bones

·  Ligament tear and meniscus tear surgery.

·  Orthopedics and trauma surgery.

·  Fractures and sutures on tendons.

·  Dislocation surgery.

·  Other joint and bone surgery.

Skin and subcutaneous tissue

·  Skin transplantation and restoration.

·  Chemosurgery to skin.

·  Incisions to the skin and subcutaneous tissue.

·  Excision of diseased skin and subcutaneous tissues.


·  Plastic surgery to the mouth.

·  Incisions to the mouth, jaw, and face.

·  Other operations to the mouth and face.

Other operations

·  Lithotripsy.

·  Coronary angiography.

·  Haemodialysis.

·  Radiotherapy (for cancer).

·  Chemotherapy.

Daycare Procedures Benefits

Medical science has advanced with time. Now, the surgeries and treatments don’t consume much time as they used to earlier. A patient can get treated and discharged within a day. Opting for a daycare plan has benefited the customers with the ease of treatment within 24 hours. With daycare procedures, the patient does not have to spend extra days to raise a claim.

How to choose Day Care Health Insurance Plan?

The market is flooded with health policy providers. The advertisements are all over the internet and TV commercials with all the leverages and benefits. With so much in front, people often get confused and often choose an inadequate plan that fails to fulfil the desired purposes. With increased health complications and diseases, it is a must to know the pros and cons of any insurance plan. If you are going to invest your money on the medical coverage that includes daycare procedures, keep these points in mind.

  1. Medical science is vast, and it is constantly growing. The other thing that is simultaneously on the rise in - diseases. The world is fighting a pandemic right now, and that has forced people to make some relevant lifestyle changes. People are more aware of the policies and plan an insurance company has to offer. But we are not doctors, and hence we are less aware of the medical terminologies. Hence, we often fall prey to the number of benefits a plan provides rather than the actual factors that matter at the time of medical claim. It is advisable not to look at the numbers of the daycare procedures coerced but to look at the types of surgeries. For instance, a plan may cover 200 surgeries, but they all belong to a limited number of a similar type, whereas another plan has listed 25 types of categories such as oncology, urology, orthopaedics, etc., that may cover 230 surgeries. It is beetle that you choose broader categories rather than the total number of procedures covered.
  2. There are some policies that don’t have the OPD (Out Department Patient) clause. This means that if the policyholder gets done with his treatment within a few hours, then he will not be paid. Make sure that your insurance policy has an OPD clause, so even if you don’t have to get hospitalized for a whole day, you still get paid for the minor treatments. For instance - a dental surgery might not be listed under the daycare procedure but is included in OPD. Having an insurance plan with both the benefits will ensure that you keep your savings intact.

Difference Between OPD Treatment and Day Care Procedures?

The basic difference between OPD treatment and Day Care Procedures lies in the nature of the procedures covered. An OPD is inclusive of minor medical expenses whereas day care procedures include surgeries and treatments that cost higher and require a minimum of a few hours of hospitalization.

Process of Filing Day Care Claims in Health Insurance

The process of filing daycare claims is similar to filing claims for a regular health insurance policy. You can go for cashless treatment by telling your health insurer in advance if you have planned the treatment for a certain day. Otherwise, you can submit the required documents and ask for the reimbursement after the procedure.

A health insurance plan is a must in today’s day and age. But what is more important is to be aware of the benefits your health plan comes with. This way, you can save your money without getting worried about the unwanted medical expenses.

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