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Level Term Insurance Plan in India

A level term life insurance policy has a fixed premium and death payout. This basically indicates that throughout the policy's duration, both the sum assured under the policy and the premium payable…

A level term life insurance policy has a fixed premium and death payout. This basically indicates that throughout the policy's duration, both the sum assured under the policy and the premium payable against it stay unchanged. Coverage usually lasts for ten to thirty years. If the policyholder or insured dies within this period, the policy's sum assured is paid to the nominees stated on the life insurance policy.

You must have a level term insurance plan to give them life insurance benefits after you pass away. Level term life insurance is an excellent option as, over the life of the policy term, both payments and the death benefit remain constant.

How Does Level Term Insurance Work?

An example is probably the most effective way to understand how this insurance works. Here, you choose the payment's duration and lump sum amount upon buying. You may choose a sum like INR 30,000,00 and a time frame like 20 years. The life insurance company will then provide you with the monthly payment (often called the premium). You are therefore covered after all of these elements have been decided.

In case of your passing, the family would receive the entire sum. This payout amount will be the same throughout the life of the policy.

Features of Level Term Insurance

There are many features of level term insurance. If the insured passes away, the policy is known to offer the family members financial security. The below pointers should guide you through the features.

  • Constant Premium Amount: The cost of the insurance remains the same, as the law forbids the life insurance company from raising your premium rate under level term life insurance. Even if your health significantly changes, the insurance provider must protect you for the agreed-upon sum until the policy's maturity.
  • Cost-Efficient: A term insurance plan ensure that you pay a low premium, thus, making it an affordable option. Also, if you wish to buy term insurance online, you can visit the insurer’s website, which will allow buying the insurance plan without any hiatus.
  • Tax Benefits: If you opt to buy term insurance, you will be eligible to enjoy tax benefits under sections 80C and 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
  • Riders Option: Besides the level of term insurance coverage, riders are available for these insurance plans. Adding these extras requires paying an additional fee, for which you will get additional coverage.
  • Financial Protection: The proceeds from level term life insurance can be used by your dependents to cover any debts. Your loved ones and family members may be able to meet your ongoing debts with the help of a level term life insurance payout if you have any outstanding loans or mortgage payments.

Benefits of Level Term Insurance

There are many benefits of level term insurance that tell us why most people buy this type of insurance. Here are a few benefits:



Easy to Understand

This policy is relatively easy to comprehend. Here, the policyholder will always be informed of how much will be left for the beneficiary.


In the level term insurance plan, the premium amount remains the same throughout the Policy tenure, making it a stable life insurance plan.

Health Benefits

If you are in good health, you may be eligible for health benefits when purchasing level-term insurance. You will receive coverage for longer than the normal 20 or 25 years of the policy term you have chosen.

Multiple Death Benefit Payout Option

In the unfortunate event of your passing, your dependents may receive a lump sum payout to assist them in managing the aforementioned financial obligations.

Types of Level Term Insurance in India

Nowadays, nearly everyone purchases level term life insurance, as the premium remains constant throughout the policy tenure. The level term insurance has different types, which are listed as follows:

  • 5 Year Level Term Insurance: If you are looking for a term life insurance for a short period of time, level term life insurance is for you since it is only for five years.
  • 10 year Level Term Insurance: This level of term insurance is appropriate for those who want to sign up for ten years of term coverage. Parents with growing children who require a certain amount for their future, such as higher education, typically opt for this plan.
  • 15 Year Level Term Insurance: People with long-term objectives can opt for the 15 year term level insurance policy. Though the premium amount will be higher, you will be covered for a long time too.

Difference Between level Term Insurance and Decreasing Term Insurance

Level Cover is a type of life insurance where the payout amount is fixed for the duration of the contract. Throughout the insurance, the monthly payments likewise remain the same. However, a fixed sum that decreases over the course of the policy's duration is paid out under decreasing cover. Although payments remain constant over the course of the policy, you often pay less each month than you would for level cover.

Why You Should buy Level Term Insurance Plan 

The most popular and economical type of term life insurance policy is the level term insurance plan. Your family can utilise the fixed payout from a level term insurance plan to meet any financial obligations. Your loved ones may be able to pay for daily costs, current educational costs, or any other sort of debt with the help of a level term insurance payout. These plans provide you with complete peace of mind regarding the security of your family's financial future and have no hidden fees or schemes. For the majority of people, level term life insurance is the simplest and most cost-effective form of life insurance, as well as the most typical kind of term coverage.


Question: - What do you mean by level term life insurance?

Answer: - The insurer provides your beneficiaries with a tax-free death payout if you pass away during that time. In level term insurance, the premium and the death benefit are constant. When the policy expires, you stop making premium payments.

Question: - What distinguishes level term life insurance from term life insurance?

Answer: - Level term insurance is referred to as term life insurance. Level term is the most popular type of term life insurance, though there are other variations as well.

Question: - Does level term life insurance have a cash value

Answer: - Level term life insurance does not have a cash value. When your level term policy expires, you may have the option to convert it into a permanent life policy that does include a cash value.

Question: - Can premiums increase after a certain period in level term insurance?

Answer: - No, the premium amount remains constant in level term insurance throughout the policy tenure. Coverage usually lasts for ten to thirty years.

Question: - Are there any tax benefits under level term insurance?

Answer: - Yes, as per Income Tax 1961 act, you will get tax benefits under sections 80C and 10(10D).


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