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Life Insurance

  • Joint Life Insurance: Covering Two Lives In One Life Insurance Policy

    As Name Suggests Joint Life Insurance offers insurance for two people under one policy. And it is not limited for couples, but it can be taken by parents and children, business partners can also opt for the same. Know the advantages requirements for the same.
  • Benefits Of Having A Life Insurance For Elders

    Different Policies for Different people serve different purposes. There are many benefits of life insurance policy for older people such as Annuity payout Frequency, end of life medical expenses, etc.
  • Types Of Life Insurance And Their Benefits

    Compare the different type of life insurance policies & choose the best one for yourself according to your requirements from term insurance, moneyback policy and many more.
  • Different Terms Related to Life Insurance

    When planning to buy a life insurance policy, there are different terms related to it which can be confusing at times. But you should be aware of them to get the most features & benefits.
  • What is the Married Women Property Act in Life Insurance Plan?

    Married women property act in life insurance plays a major role and safeguards wife of policy holder, so that she gets all the benefits and protection needed. Checkout Renewbuy blog for more details.
  • What are the Income Tax benefits of Life Insurance plans?

    While purchasing life insurance, check income tax benefits under section 80c and get both protection and tax-saving benefits at the same time. Visit to read what is section 80c in this article.