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5 Things You Didn’t Know Motor Insurance Covered

When it comes to surprises that involve motor insurance, increase in premiums or mishandled claims are first things that come to mind. However, the insurance brings good surprises too. In this post, we’ll talk about five things that you never knew a car insurance policy covers.

No matter how good the cars or roads are, accidents are bound to happen. That is why you need to buy an insurance policy. However, a lot of times people looking for an insurance policy are unaware of all the things that the policy covers. While surprises related to such policies are generally alarming, there can be good surprises too.

Let us have a look at five such surprising things that you might not know that a car insurance policy covers.

  1. Waiver of Towing Fee

If you have been in a mishap in the middle of nowhere, most of the times the only solution is to get the car towed to a garage. Needless to say, you need to pay the towing charges for the same. But what you might not know is that your motor insurance cover enables you to claim the towing charges. While the maximum limit of this claim varies between policies, it surely is a fantastic add-on that can save you from paying an exorbitant towing fee.

  1. Insurance for Car Accessories

There is an increasing demand for high-end accessories in four-wheelers. While a standard car insurance would cover the damage to your car, you can look for an add-on for the expensive accessories. While this is sure to increase the premium to an extent, it is still a great option as compared to paying for the accessories from your pocket.

  1. Cover for Engine Protection

Your car is as good as its engine. You can look for an add-on vehicle insurance coverage specifically designed for the engine to make sure that the insurer pays towards any expenses resulting from water ingression, oil leakage, or any kind of damage to the gearbox.

  1. Third Party Premium Discount

In case of any 3rd party damages to a person or property, your vehicle or bike insurance cover would cover the damages. No matter what car insurance you purchase, it essentially covers own damage as well as 3rd party damage. However, if you know that you can avoid such 3rd party claims or prefer paying small damages from your pocket, you can get the 3rd party claim limit reduced. With this, you can get a discount on your premium.

  1. Spot Assistance

If you regularly travel between cities, you might know what a nightmare it could be to get stranded away from the city limits. In such situations, the 24x7 spot assistance facility of a vehicle insurance can come to your rescue. With this add-on, you can get car insurance coverage for things like legal/fuel assistance, taxi arrangement, car towing, and much more.

When buying a car insurance, it is very important to know the things that the policy does and does not cover. You should also check the available add-ons as a lot of them can prove to be a lifesaver in a wide range of situations.