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  • Stepwise Approach To Make A Motor Insurance Claim Online

    Know step by step process of how to claim your vehicle insurance online in case of damage, stolen or 3rd party claim.Read vehicle insurance claim factors here.
  • How To Make Your Travel Safer With A Motor Insurance?

    A motor insurance is a great way to keep your vehicle protected in case of an unfortunate incident. By opting for the right type of coverage (third party or comprehensive) as well as selecting the right add-ons,
  • 5 Things You Didn’t Know Motor Insurance Covered

    When buying a car insurance, it is very important to know the things that the policy does and does not cover.Checkout five such surprising things that you might not know that a car insurance policy covers.
  • How Will GST Impact Your Motor Insurance Premium?

    Read the impact of GST on car/motor insurance, customers & insurers. For car/motor insurance plans, the rate of taxation is fixed at 18% after GST implementation.



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