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  • Know Everything About The Revised Third Party Motor Insurance

    Following the order of the Supreme Court of India, motor insurance regulators have mandated long term covers in third-party motor insurance. Visit RenewBuy blog to read more.
  • Must Avoid Mistakes While Buying A Motor Insurance

    Visit Renewbuy blog if you are planning to buy a motor insurance. Here, we discuss all the mistakes to avoid and things to be considered before opting a vehicle insurance.
  • Is It Possible to Get Car Insurance Before Without a License?

    Getting a car insurance is possible without a license, but it is not an easy undertaking. Visit Renewbuy blog to understand all the possibility and the difficulties associated.
  • Safety Devices That Will Make Car Insurance Premium Cheaper

    Insurer companies are considering safety devices & offering the best deals in the form of low insurance plans. So don’t forget to consider this factor while comparing car insurance quotes online...
  • Third-Party Compensation: Should Vehicle Drivers or Owners Pay for It

    The financial status of drivers sometimes does not permit them to bear certain parts of the compensation payable to the victim of an accident caused due to their mistake. Read about the situations based on which the driver or the owner might have to pay the compensation.



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