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  • Know How to Save Money While Switching Your Vehicle Insurer

    Switching your vehicle insurance policy is not an easy task. We hope you save on your vehicle premium by going through these 7 steps in a smooth, easy and efficient manner.
  • The Pros And Cons Of Having Only Third Party Insurance

    Checkout advantages and disadvantages of third party insurance policy that will help you in getting a clearer picture and aids in making the right choice. Read the list of pros and cons of third party insurance policy.
  • Should You Increase the Insured Declared Value?

    A lesser premium would result in a much lesser claim, and that is not what you as an owner would want when it’s come to claiming against total damage or theft.Read Now !
  • Why Is Motor Insurance Significant For Every Indian?

    Driving on the roads has its perils, and this is the reason why motor insurance is significant for every Indian.Read list of reasons now !



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