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All About Motor Claim Assistance - Accident, Theft And Third Party | RenewBuy

We get our vehicles insured so that we can get compensation in case of damage or theft. But the irony is that most of us are under the delusion that claiming motor insurance is a hectic task. On the contrary, it is quite easy if you know the process.

In case of an accident

As per studies, there is a vehicle collision every minute in India. So, if ever you are an unfortunate victim of the same, you should simply follow these steps.

  • Arrange the documents

    • To claim your insurance amount in case of an accident you need to sort out your policy documents

    • Click pictures of damage to the vehicle so that you can submit it as a proof to your insurance company.

  • Get in touch

    • The next step is to communicate with the insurer

    • This can be done by sending an email or over a call

    • Relevant documents like Policy, Claim Form and proof of damage will have to be submitted to the insurance company

  • Ask for assistance

    • If you are claiming for the first time then it is advisable that you ask for assistance from the customer care executives of the insurance company by calling on their 24x7 customer support number

  • Visit from company

    • Once you have submitted all the documents, an insurance company executive will visit to validate all the information provided by you.

In case of theft

  • Report the incident

    • File a FIR as soon as possible

    • This will also act as a record of the incident and can be used for future reference

  • Proper documentation

    • You will need to submit documents like the RC, driving license and a letter to the RTO informing about theft.

  • Settlement

    • After the final report of police investigation is submitted, the insurance company pays you the claim amount

    • At the time of the claim payment, you will have to hand over the vehicle keys to the insurer

    • If your car was on a loan then the insurance company will pay the finance company the depreciated value and the remaining amount will have to be paid by you.

In case of Third Party Insurance Claims

  • Third party insurance can be claimed in case your vehicle has been damaged by another person’s vehicle

    • You can file your case in the Motor Accidents Case Tribunal

    • Keep necessary documents like the FIR and the damage repair expenses ready

    • The guilty driver will be summoned and his documents of policy etc. will be checked to settle your claim

  • In case you are at fault then you can do either of these things:

    • Ask the insurance company to take care of the proceedings on its own or

    • You can let them hire a lawyer for the same. But your insurer will be on your side only if there is no breach in policy

So no matter what vehicle you drive it is important to have an insurance policy. Compare Bike insurance and car insurance policies online to get the maximum benefit in terms of cover and cost.