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Break-In Renewal Motor Insurance Policies At A Glance | RenwBuy

Is there a time when you were not able to pay up a premium due to which your two-wheeler insurance policy lapsed? In the past, such a situation would have left a policyholder with the frustration of renewing it. In addition, the renewal process back then was quite complicated. Thus, many people simply ignored reinstating their motor insurance schemes. However, the break-in renewal processes nowadays have become seamless.

In countries like India, the government has already made it mandatory to get a motor vehicle insured. Thus, it is your prime duty to keep your insurance policy free from the risks of lapsing. Besides the legality of keeping one, it gives you the support you need during uncertain and unfortunate damages, theft, or some other accident. Many people in India still avoid renewing their policies thinking that they barely meet in such mishaps, but this is where they increase the chances of risks upon them ten-folds. In addition, it has now become quite easier to acquire a break-in renewal from any reputed insurance agency.

How to acquire a break-in renewal?

Now that the system has become smoother, any policyholder can revive a lapsed two-wheeler policy using the services of an insurer. Here are some ways to get one:

1 – Through an insurance agent:

This is a traditional method where one has to approach an insurer for renewal of the policy. However, the paperwork needed to renew has reduced considerably. Therefore, many policyholders can call upon an insurance agent to help with the renewal policy. The agent may take some commission for renewing your policy, but it is still better than a lapsed scheme.

2 – Through the insurance agency website:

The most convenient method nowadays is the online one, where anyone can process the request for a renewal. Moreover, he/she may not even require a physical inspection of the vehicle in case of a two-wheeler but it is mandatory for a four-wheeler though. Just process the request through your preferred insurance agency’s website and pay through any online mode that they offer. After verification, your break-in renewal process will be accepted and the lapsed policy will be renewed. Another reason for online processing is due to the vast number of break-in renewals. Thus, several renowned agencies give the benefit of online processing for simplifying the method.

Do your NCB privileges subside?

A common thinking among people is that a lapsed motor insurance policy will not offer NCB benefits on renewal. However, a break-in renewal is still valid if the break is not for more than 90 days. Therefore, if your policy has lapsed just for a few days, then you can get it renewed with the NCB benefits still intact.

This advantage ensures that you are not left with complete disappointment even after lapsing of your policy.


Buying a motor insurance policy returns several benefits to you in the form of financial support at times of need. Now you can renew your lapsed two-wheeler policy using a break-in renewal process where you will not have to pay a penalty, only if you do it within the grace period.