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Car Insurance Add-Ons For A Safe Journey

Car insurance is a must for all vehicle owners to ride on Indian roads. Although it keeps you and your vehicle safe, the primary form of insurance, there are many instances where things go out of…

Car insurance is a must for all vehicle owners to ride on Indian roads. Although it keeps you and your vehicle safe, the primary form of insurance, there are many instances where things go out of control, and your motor insurance will not cover the same. This can lead to a huge financial and emotional loss, and that is where the add-on plans come into play.

Add-on covers provide your vehicle with additional security along with your primary motor insurance policy. It enables you to deal with unforeseen circumstances like automobile accidents, engine problems, and other difficulties. Let us look at the various add-on covers you can buy for your vehicle when planning a long road trip.

List of Best Car Insurance Add-On Covers

There are various add-on covers available in the market that you can buy for your vehicle. However, all of them won’t come in handy. We have a curated list of the best car insurance add-on covers to make your choice easier.

Zero Depreciation Cover: A car insurance policy with zero depreciation coverage aids in defending your vehicle against all physical harm without taking depreciation into account. The compensation is obtained after a standard depreciation deduction, even though a typical motor insurance policy protects you against losses accruing if your automobile is damaged or stolen when you submit for a claim settlement.

Engine Protection Cover: The cost of repairs or damage if the engine, the beating heart of your automobile, is damaged is covered by the engine protection cover, an add-on rider in insurance plans.

Roadside Assistance Cover: If the covered vehicle breaks down, help services are guaranteed by this add-on coverage. Towing to the closest garage is one of the services offered, along with on-site repairs, critical replacement help, fuel delivery, and aid with flat tyres. Therefore, roadside assistance cover is the best add on covers.

Tyre Damage Cover: A cost-effective insurance option is to purchase the tyre protection add-on function. This add-on cover will cover the cost related to any malfunctioning tyre. It is an important add-on, especially when going on a long road trip that will be hectic for your car tyres.

Consumable Cover: Consumables are necessary goods that must be renewed after use since they cannot be recycled. These include engine oil, lubricant, brake fluid, gearbox fluid, grease, bearings, nuts, bolts, and things like air conditioner gas.

Passenger Cover: On a long road trip, it is possible to get injured in a road accident or anything related. The policy's accident benefit is only available to the driver; the passengers are on their own. However, this coverage covers the passengers' medical costs, gives disability insurance, and provides financial support in a fatal automobile accident.

How to Buy Car Insurance Online?

The official website of the insurance provider and "" is where you may purchase a new motor insurance policy. The steps involved in getting new motor insurance coverage are as follows:

Buy From RenewBuy

  • Go to RenewBuy's official website.
  • Select "Car  Insurance" from the menu.
  • Complete the form.
  • Choose the best car insurance policy by comparing available options.
  • Click "Buy Now."
  • You'll see the plan specifics and information on the extra passengers in a pop-up.
  • Make the online payment, and the policy documents will be sent to your registered email address.

Buy From the Insurer's Official Website

  • Visit the insurance company's official website and click on the "Car Insurance" section.
  • Choose the car insurance policy.
  • Complete all the necessary fields.
  • Click the Buy button.
  • Make the payment now.
  • The insurance provider will email you a copy of the policy paperwork.

Bottom Line

Driving on the road can be dangerous at times, and it is important to be prepared for the worst. Buying car insurance add-ons will enhance your coverage as well as your safety. To buy the best car insurance, compare motor insurance online and choose accordingly.


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