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Online V/s Offline Vehicle Insurance Policy

Zero Depreciation Policy

NONE! That is in terms of actual coverage. So, if you have a zero-depreciation insurance policy or a comprehensive vehicle insurance policy than where you bought it from does not matter. They are all the same. There are some differences though that will make you wonder why you ever bought insurance from an agent.

Let's start with the cost. Online policies are cheaper, in fact offer the cheapest insurance quotes from leading companies. How do they do this is not a mystery. Online cos have lower running costs so they can pass on a zero depreciation insurance policy amount of their commission to you. You agent can't do this as he cannot work for free.

Then there is support. If you have to make a claim then your agent is not the best person to help you out. He has better and more important things to do like sell more vehicle insurance policy. Larger outfits have Claim Assist departments with professionals that know how things work at the insurance companies end. has a free Claim Assist service.

Zero Depreciation Insurance Policy

You can take advantage of this even if you have not bought your insurance from them. We have saved the best for last. When you buy online you get your vehicle insurance policy instantly. You don't have to wait for it and you are covered at once. In-addition you are saved the trouble of all the tedious paperwork.

So, while there are no differences in coverage, the difference in service and costs are enough to make you go online and never call an agent again.

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