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Essential Add-on Covers for Two Wheeler Insurance in India

A two-wheeler insurance coverage protects the policyholder from any legal or financial difficulties brought on by harms done to a third party's person, vehicle, or property in the event of an…

A two-wheeler insurance coverage protects the policyholder from any legal or financial difficulties brought on by harms done to a third party's person, vehicle, or property in the event of an unfortunate event. So it becomes not only vital but mandatory to buy. However, only third-party insurance is necessary but not comprehensive two-wheeler insurance. So, the chances are that you might miss on some important coverages if you got the third-party two-wheeler insurance only. To cover the coverage benefits, insurance companies introduced Add-on covers. In this article, we will discuss the add-on covers in detail.

What is a Two-Wheeler Add-on?

You can choose from various add-ons provided by insurance companies to make your comprehensive insurance cover even more comprehensive! Add-ons cover in motor insurance are a little bit like icing on the cake that strengthens your vehicle's coverage. The two-wheeler insurance coverage can be combined with several bike add-on covers. Zero depreciation, passenger aid cover, and others are a few of them.

Types of Add-on Covers Under Two-Wheeler Insurance

Each two-wheeler insurer has a different selection of two-wheeler insurance add-ons. A general motor insurance company offers its clients the following additional two-wheeler insurance coverages:

  • Zero Depreciation Cover: One of the most well-liked two-wheeler insurance add-on covers is zero depreciation two-wheeler insurance, sometimes referred to as "nil depreciation." It offers 100% depreciation coverage for most of the two-wheeler's parts except for the tyres, tubes, and batteries, which are covered at 50% by the insurance provider. Under zero debt cover, the base coverage of your two-wheeler insurance policy is improved, and it nearly eliminates your costs.
  • Consumables Cover: A bike insurance consumables cover add-on provides supplemental coverage for consumables excluded from a standard bike insurance policy. No matter how tiny the consumable products are, the add-on protection enables the insured to save money on them. The consumables include engine oil, gearbox oil, radiator coolant etc.
  • Roadside Assistance Cover: The meaning of "roadside assistance" is self-explanatory. Under bike insurance, the insurance company will provide roadside assistance for the premium. For bike riders whose bikes have broken down on the road, the insurer offers this emergency help service.
  • Engine Safe Cover: Bike insurance options like engine protection cover can be added to standalone and comprehensive own-damage insurance policies. With this coverage, you can recover costs associated with engine damage to your motorcycle.
  • Return to Invoice: If the policyholder's engine or other parts need to be repaired, the Engine Protection Cover protects them financially secure. This supplemental protection is a need if you're staying in a flood-prone area.
  • Protection of NCB: Bike insurance does not begin to offer the No Claim Bonus until the first year has passed without any claims being filed. Since then, the NCB percentage for bike insurance has increased each year without a claim, reaching 50%, the highest incentive insurance companies offer.
  • Medical Cover: The most significant additional coverage is medical, among others. When an accident occurs, medical help is of the utmost importance. Most of the time, it seems like medical bills are pricey, and this medical add-on cover aids in paying for all forms of medical care associated with the two-wheeler accident.

Tips to Protect Your Two-Wheeler

You are responsible for protecting your bike and using protective covers. Here are five suggestions for doing that:

  • Park Your Bike Under a Roof: Always place your bike where there is a roof, whether you are at home or somewhere else. It will shield the bike from the rain and other standard elements, such as stray branches and more. It is a straightforward but valuable measure to safeguard your bike.
  • Check Engine oil, Gear Oil, etc.: Always inspect these parts thoroughly before riding your bike, especially long distances. They are susceptible to neglect-related damage, and their longevity and effectiveness can be increased with proper care.
  • Clean Air Filter: Make sure to clean your air filter regularly. Especially during the monsoon season, this is crucial. Your bike will remain clean and operate more effectively if you clean it frequently.
  • Clean your Bike: Your bike is out there and is in danger of getting dirty. If you ignore it, puddles, mud, errant objects, and much more can seriously harm your bike. It is crucial to clean your bike even more frequently than usual because of this. Your bike will run more efficiently if you take a little more care.

Now, let us discuss the steps to understand how to buy two-wheeler insurance in India.

The process of buying a Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy Online

Two-wheelers are an essential part of daily life for many individuals. It's straightforward to buy new third-party bike insurance online. Anyone can buy insurance online by providing a few details, making a payment, and receiving the insurance policy in just a few clicks.

Steps to Buy Third-Party Bike Insurance from RenewBuy

  • Visit
  • Fill in the two-wheeler details and model.
  • Year of Purchase
  • Get the Instant Quote
  • You may tailor the bike insurance policy to your needs by purchasing add-on coverage.
  • Compare plans, choose the most suitable bike insurance policy and pay.

Thus, by following these easy steps, you will have insurance coverage on your own. The entire process takes little time or effort and is straightforward.


At the end of this, it is clear that add-on covers are essential for your two-wheeler insurance. Although adding add-ons to your policy is not required, doing so guarantees that you will have adequate coverage for various aspects of riding and owning a bike. And in doing so, you'll have adequate protection against the worst-case scenarios.


Question: - What are the types of two-wheeler insurance that I can buy?

Answer: - Three types of insurance are available to you: own damage coverage, third-party two-wheeler insurance, and comprehensive insurance. However, it is mandatory to have the third-party insurance in India.

Question: - Is two-wheeler insurance compulsory?

Answer: - Every two-wheeler must have legal third-party bike insurance, according to the Motor Wheelers Act of 1988.

Question: - What about filing a claim in the event that my two-wheeler is taken?

Answer: - You must register a FIR at the closest police station if you believe your bike or scooter has been stolen. After that, you must submit a copy of the aforementioned FIR along with any other paperwork needed to support your claim.

Question: - Can I change my two-wheeler insurance company?

Answer: - You can, indeed! At least 45 days before your coverage expires, you must notify your current insurer. After that, you can select a new insurance.

Question: - Are add-on covers compulsory to buy?

Answer: - No! But if you want to enhance your coverage, make sure you buy the additional add-ons.

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