How to get Best New Car Deals on Year End Car Purchase

How to get Best New Car Deals on Year End Car Purchase

Festive seasons and New Year eve are the two big occasions in India with a custom to purchase new things. The e-commerce sites however have increased these occasions aiming their stock clearance. If we categorize the things heavily purchased on these eves, they are generally the mobile phones, laptops and cars.  Since we have to invest in multiple things for the New Year eve, why not we get best deals and maximize savings when buying a car at the end of the year so that we can channelize the money in other purchases? As it is stock clearance time, car dealers usually offer huge discounts to hit on their respective sales targets for the year. Manufacturers also offer huge discounts to get benefitted from the buying spree of people. So if you are planning to purchase a car at the year end, consider the following tips to make it the best and cheapest purchase.

Consider Slow-Selling Models

Every manufacturer and dealer offer their own set of discounts which may range between thousands of bucks. Slow selling car models may fetch you higher discounts. However, analyze why the car is a slow seller. Such cars are not always bad cars but they just fail owing to marketing or service oriented demerits. If your conscious permits you to have that car, go for it to get the best deal. However, it has to be kept in mind that one should not purchase a car only for its lucrative discount.  

Compare the Amount of Savings

It is apparent that we narrow down to few models before settling for the final variant. It is sure that all of those models that you have selected are good ones. Try to compare the quantum of discounts available on each of the model and you never know that an attractive discount may beckon you. However, the same rule applies here that discount should not be the only drive to finalize a car. Get best deals and maximize savings when buying a car at the end of the year by comparing the savings across models.

Go for an Older Model

Unless you are the one who frequently sell cars, and do not consider buying a new car model once in every 4 years, you can go for an older model. Yearend sales generally offer the current year’s model which gets old once the New Year arrives. Remember, it does not make much difference if you are not a frequent seller and instead, you get whopping discounts for considering an older model by one year. Depreciation also matters when it comes to the model. However, the deals you get at the yearend time may cross the money you save with depreciation due to the next year model.

Bargain for Accessories

You can try to enhance your deal by bargaining for free accessories which undoubtedly add to your pocket and save you from expending for them in future. Although taken for granted, many of the accessories may not be a part of the car’s standard kit. Foot mats, audio system, blue tooth gadgets, mud-flaps, reverse parking sensors etc. can be included with good bargaining skills for the same price.

Pick up insurance deals: Insurance companies want to increase their clientele during the yearend sales and hence they tie up with the car companies or auto-dealers. Get free insurance as part of its initial payment. Don’t forget that you can opt for insurers. Compare the insurers and their policies and get the best one as part of the free package. As insurance is mandatory, go for a comprehensive coverage for free initial payment. Sometimes, you can also gain from extended warranties at a throw away price or as a free add-on from the manufacturer’s end.

Play Strategic Skills

You need to be really smart while you realize that purchasing car is not an easy task and it includes several lakhs of rupees. Dealers and manufacturers want someone who can invest lakhs of rupees in their vehicles which is not easy for them. If we approach them as prospective leads, half of their job is done and rest lies on them to convince you for purchasing their model. Show them a wait and watch attitude and that you are in no hurry to purchase a vehicle. Let them understand that you are just exploring the New Year season to get a best deal. Don’t hesitate to let them know what the competitor is offering and this would definitely work in your favor. Get best deals and maximize savings when buying a car at the end of the year by playing smart.

Homework is essential before you approach dealers as prospective leads. If an auto-manufacturer is selling a model through several dealers, don’t hesitate to visit at least two or three of those dealers, utilize the information sought and offers advertised to gain for more benefits at your next visit to the showroom. It is apparent for the dealers to understand that you go to many dealers to finalize the deal and get benefitted from their anxiety as they want to retain the leads and convert them to sales at any cost.

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