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How To Make Your Travel Safer With A Motor Insurance?

A motor insurance is a great way to keep your vehicle protected in case of an unfortunate incident. By opting for the right type of coverage (third party or comprehensive) as well as selecting the right add-ons, you can create a great protection plan for your vehicle in case an untoward incident befalls the vehicle. In addition to being a mandatory legal obligation one cannot deny the benefits you can accrue from having a valid insurance associated with your vehicle

However, not everyone understands the significance of a motor insurance for travelling purposes. To ensure a safer journey, especially on Indian roads, these supporting investment schemes can greatly affect your journey in making it smoother as well as convenient.

Travellers are quite vulnerable to accidents or mishaps on the road when going to a new place. While a travel motor insurance may not help in avoiding those accidents, it still can ensure a financial support later for recovering from the losses inflicted during the journey.

Here we have compiled a list of benefits you can get by opting for a motor insurance with your vehicle and thus make your travel safer

  • Financial Recovery benefits:

Travelling on Indian roads is not as easy as on roads in First World countries. You have to be extra careful while driving. However, one may still face a mishap due to someone else’s fault while travelling. Recovering from the losses in such situations can be quite expensive unless one gets a vehicle insured appropriately. Such schemes are able to offer medical compensations for the travellers in case of third party injury or own injury (the latter is applicable only in case of comprehensive insurance coverage). Paying expensive bills gets a lot easier when you have a valid insurance associated with your motor vehicle.

  • Compensation on property damage or theft:

Accidents could also damage third party properties that are in the vicinity of the unfortunate mishap. Such situations may lead to a considerable amount of financial loss to the property owner, which the vehicle owner may have to pay. Using the coverage benefits of a motor insurance can help in compensating for the losses inflicted on the property of the third party. Also in case of a theft, the company will be happy to reimburse you to the extent of the IDV of the vehicle decided at the time of taking the insurance.

This can be a beneficial add-on benefit to your insurance if your vehicle is usually driven in a congested place or kept in a secluded locality. This is one more way in which travel can be made safer with motor insurance.

  • Accidental death benefits with motor insurance:

There are numerous other untoward instances while travelling such as an accidental death of a traveller. This may be devastating without a doubt, but rationally one may have to think of the broader picture in this situation. For that, using a motor insurance with accidental death benefits ensures support in tough times.


Travelling becomes more comfortable if you have a backup. Such motor insurance policies with travel benefits are a great way to formulate a safer journey.