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How To Prepare Your Vehicle For Monsoon?

Monsoon is falling in some time and everybody is waiting for the best season of the year. Everyone is excited to see the lush green surroundings, amazing waterfalls and chill weather to enjoy. It…

Monsoon is falling in some time and everybody is waiting for the best season of the year. Everyone is excited to see the lush green surroundings, amazing waterfalls and chill weather to enjoy. It feels so good imagining the beautiful scenery all over during monsoon. But along with the enjoyment, monsoon also brings a big reason to worry, as this is the most dangerous as well as a risky season of the year. The vehicle owners start worrying about their machines and then it becomes imperative to prepare your vehicle for Monsoon especially after looking at the road conditions of our country.

In a county like India, where we always enjoy monsoon season with tea and snacks, the season brings fear of running vehicles on the roads with big possibilities of skidding. We can see the risk of driving a vehicle on wet bumpy roads where there are big potholes coming to us. Above all of these risky thoughts, the one major reason which fears all of us is the absurd drivers who don’t have the sense of driving at all.

There are number of reasons for which you need to take certain precautions for the monsoon season, specially if you own a vehicle whether a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler.

Check Tyres

First and the most important thing to be prepared for monsoon is to check your vehicle’s tyres treads. They should not be slippery and the grip of tyres should be strong enough to hold the road. The monsoon brings wet roads and big pits filled with rain water. So, the treads of the tyres should be deep enough to control the high pressure of sudden breaks. The actual depth of tyres treads should be 3-5 mm specially during the rainy season, but if it is not deep enough then you and your vehicle are at risk.

Vehicle Insurance

During monsoon, the possibility of accidents increases as the roads become wet and slippery too which becomes a big reason of worry. The most dangerous thing is that accidents cause you big trouble both financially and legally, in case your vehicle insurance policy is not updated. So, check the expiry date of your insurance policy before monsoon starts. Also, ensure that the coverage of your policy is broad enough to cover any loss or damage to your vehicle in monsoon.

Check Headlights

It is true that Headlights and taillights are the most important part for navigation during nights, but it also helps you in navigation during monsoon. Wet roads observe light and decrease the visibility level, so it is recommended to check your lights before stepping out in rains. Yellow coloured bulbs give a better contrast, so it is advisable to use good quality yellow coloured bulbs in your vehicle. Also, check if there is any crack on headlights and taillights or spoiled from anywhere, just fix them before the monsoon arrives.

Proper Service Of Vehicle

Ensure that your vehicle is prepared for the monsoon season and for that, service your two-wheeler or four-wheeler just before the monsoon starts. Also, thoroughly check wipers of your vehicle as they play big role in driving during monsoon. Wipers should be of good quality and wash wipe system should be working well.  Fit mud flaps on all the wheels of your vehicle, as it creates problems for others who are driving behind your car.

Maintain Your Speed

Monsoon is the one which increases the chances of accidents for so many reasons like wet roads with oil, rowdy drivers, and many more. In such case, saving your life as well as others should be on priority instead of showing your driving skills to others or teaching a lesson to the rowdy ones. Make sure that you are not exceeding beyond the speed limits. Also, maintain a proper gap with another vehicle.

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