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Is It Possible to Get Car Insurance Before Without a License?

Is It Possible to Get Car Insurance Before Without a License? The idea of purchasing a car insurance without a license seems outlandish or even outrageous. Therefore, some people normally wonder, “…

Is It Possible to Get Car Insurance Before Without a License?

The idea of purchasing a car insurance without a license seems outlandish or even outrageous. Therefore, some people normally wonder, “can you get car insurance without a license? “However, sometimes it is in your best interest to get vehicle insurance without a license. Though it is possible, it is not an easy undertaking. Most underwriters usually request for a valid driver’s license registration number during the application process. This will obviously put you into a difficult situation. So, how can you go about getting a vehicle insurance cover yet you are not a driver or you need to purchase a car?

There are a few cases whereby it is inevitable to buy a car insurance with no license. It might be that your kids need to utilize the vehicle and they require auto coverage or you have recently purchased a vehicle but still do not know how to drive.

Reasons necessitating a car insurance cover devoid of a license.

An Underage Driver

In most states, you are not allowed to drive a car until your minimum age is 18. For this reason, if you have a teenage son/daughter who knows how to drive, it might be imperative for you to be included in the contract even if you lack a license. However, you will purchase an expensive policy due to the higher risks associated with very young drivers. To offset this cost, you can seek student car insurance discounts.

Personal Chauffeurs

Some affluent people do not like driving, even if it is their own cars. For this reason, they hire chauffeurs. Furthermore, they ride in ostentatious vehicles such as Rolls Royces and Bentleys. So, they will need to insure both the vehicle and its driver. Senior citizens who are unable to drive also need chaffier services because they do not have licenses. This calls for purchasing auto insurance without drivers license for the sake of the driver. Car insurance premiums also increase with age; but if you are not the listed driver, you can look out for discounts.

You are Still a Driving Student

In most states, driving school students are normally issued with provisional non owner car insurance. However, provisional insurance does not exist. Any time you are driving a vehicle with a provisional license, the vehicle must be insured by its owner.

Vintage Cars

There are some antique cars that people might buy as trophies. These vehicles are such gems that they are worth of being displayed within museums our auto shows. They rarely get driven. Though you might not require collision, comprehensive or personal injury insurance policies, you might need to protect it from either partial or full loss through car insurance without a license. Majority of this kind of policy are normally offered by specialty insurers. They can also cover standard automobiles in the event that you decide to give it a test ride with a couple of buddies.

Health Issues

Sometimes physical implements might completely hinder you from getting behind the wheel. In this case, you have no option but to hire a caregiver to drive you wherever you want to go. You can insure your car for the driver or drivers who will be doing the job.

Obtaining Car Insurance After the Suspension of a Former License

There are people who have had their licenses suspended due to traffic violations, DUI, or defaulting on child support payments. In such a situation, one might wonder, “can I get car insurance without a license?” these people have various options for regaining car insurance. According to insurance rules, they are required to submit and SR-22 compliance to the state. This is a confirmation that the suspended driver has the minimum liability coverage depending on the particular state. However, it is the insurance companies that submit this form in place of the suspended drivers only under court orders

Purchasing a Vehicle Without a Driver’s License

While applying for car insurance, you must include a driver’s license number. In case you do not possess a license, you can’t avail this number, and this puts you at loggerheads with the underwriter.

However, there is a workaround to this. Rather than including your driver’s license number, some insurers will allow you to apply for cover using the credentials and license number of your primary driver or the principle driver. Any driver with a license can be your primary driver. You can also indicate that you are an exclusive no license insurance whereby the policy is void whenever you are driving.

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