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Know How And Why You Should File An Auto Insurance Claim

Know how to file auto insurance claim

While motor insurance is one of the most popular insurance products in India, a lot of car owners are not clear about the vehicle insurance claim process. If you are one of them, this post will help you understand the entire process.

If you own a four-wheeler or two-wheeler, it is compulsory for you to have a valid insurance too. With the increasing sales of cars and bikes, vehicle insurance has now become the most popular insurance product in the country. But while new owners usually buy an insurance along with their purchase, most of them do not know much about one of the most important aspects of the insurance- filing an insurance claim.

Let us have a detailed look at the entire process to help you understand.

Why Should You File a Claim?

A bike or car insurance claim is filed when your vehicle has been involved in an accident which has resulted in damage to your vehicle, any 3rd party vehicle, property or personal injury. In case of an accident, your insurer is required to pay the expenses. Filing a claim is the first step of this whole process of your insurer paying for the damages and injuries.

Different Ways to Claim Motor Insurance

The ways in which you can file the claim depends on your insurer. In most cases, you can get in touch with the support department of the insurer through phone or mail or visit their office to file the claim. You’ll be asked to fill the claim form and support it with all the required documents like RC book of the vehicle, a copy of driving license, the location of the accident, FIR in case of accident claims, etc.

Filing the Insurance Claim

The motor insurance claim process would depend on the type of accident your vehicle has been involved in. Let us have a look at some common scenarios-

Damages to Your Car

If your car has been damaged in an accident, you’ll be required to submit the claim form along with all the documents. A surveyor will be sent to assess damages. A report will be prepared by the surveyor and sent to the insurer. You can then send the car to a garage. Based on the report, the insurer will then reimburse the bill amount.

A lot of insurers now have a network of garages where you can get your car repaired without paying any money. Even the bike insurance claim works in a similar manner.

3rd Party Claims

If any other party has sent a legal notice to you asking for the claim, you can speak to your insurer about the same. Send the copy of the notice along with the required documents to the insurer and they will then hire a lawyer for you. In case if the court requires you to pay for the damages, your insurer will pay the same.

Stolen Car

If your bike or car is stolen, you’ll have to file an FIR at the nearest police station. Submit a copy of this FIR along with the final report of the police to the insurer to file the vehicle insurance claim. An investigator from the insurance company will then look into the matter and send a report to the insurer. If the claim is approved, the company will disburse the claim.

At the time of purchasing a bike or car insurance, it is very important that you check the claim process of the insurer. Prefer a reputed and experienced company and don’t forget to check the claim settlement ratio of the company when selecting.

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