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No PUC Means “No Vehicle Insurance”

If you own a car or a two-wheeler, you have to keep valid documents like Registration certificate, driving license, insurance policy and PUC or Pollution Under Control Certificate in your vehicle at the time of driving.

Pollution Under Control Certificate is a very important document which proves the vehicle has undergone the PUC test and is not releasing any kind of smoke that could harm the atmosphere. PUC certificate means that the vehicle meets the pollution control norms and your car and bike is not a threat for your city's air. Having PUC Certificate is as important as having an Insurance policy for your vehicle because the Motor Vehicle Act has made it mandatory in India. The certificate carries the basic information like:

  • Date of PUC test
  • Expiry date of PUC
  • Test readings
  • License plate number of the vehicle
  • Serial number of the PUC certificate

There are few points mentioned below, which everyone should know about PUC certificate.


In the case of a new car the validity of PUC certificate is one year. After one year from registration, the car should be examined in every 6 months and new PUC certificate should be issued. Though validity of PUC certificate is 6 months but if the adverse reading observed during test, then the PUC certificate validity depends on the observed reading. In case your vehicle’s smoke emission is higher than the normal limit, your vehicle has to undergo a test after every 4 months or 2 months, depending upon the level of emission detected in the test.

Pollution Under Control Certificate Centers:

Car PUC certificate can be obtained from all the authorized petrol pumps all over India. It can also be done at so many independent testing centers equipped with the specific testing devices and trained person who have the knowledge of minor repairs that can brought down the pollution level of the vehicle.

Carry PUC certificate:

According to Motor Vehicle Act, it is mandatory to have a Pollution Under Control Certificate. So, just like an insurance policy and other documents, it is compulsory to keep it in your vehicle all the time and produce immediately to the policeman whenever asked, else you could be in trouble.

Penalties for not producing PUC certificate:

According to Motor Vehicle Act, if someone failed to produce pollution under control certificate for vehicle, he/she is liable to pay fine of Rs. 1000 in case if it’s a first chance but if it happens again than the fine will be increased to 2000 Rs.

Now you all know what a Pollution Under Control certificate is and from where and how you can obtain it. There is one more thing that is very important for you to know. According to the new notification issued by Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), no insurance company will offer you any insurance plan for your vehicle, without a valid PUC certificate. According to new law, it is mandatory to show valid PUC to the insurance company before buying an insurance. If you want to buy an insurance policy for your vehicle, you must obtain a PUC first and then apply for an insurance cover.

Most importantly, you cannot get PUC online for your vehicle as the physical presence of the vehicle is necessary. Without vehicle’s physical appearance, no Pollution Under Control center will issue a PUC certificate to any vehicle. For this, you have to go to the authorized PUC center only. But, you can always buy an insurance policy for your vehicle online, which gives you an option of comparing features as well as premium for a specific policy offered by different insurers. You or your vehicle need not to be physically present anywhere to get an insurance policy.