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Stepwise Approach To Make A Motor Insurance Claim Online

If you own a motor vehicle, there are chances that you will come across damages in your vehicle, accidents or thefts. If your vehicle is insured, then you are liable to insurance. You need to follow certain steps to get your insurance claim. Some of the important factors related to claiming your vehicle insurance is given below.

Under what conditions can a motor insurance claim be made?

  • In case there is some damage to your vehicle.

  • In the case of personal damage (if your policy covers it).
  • Third party damage, Injury to someone else or their property damage. In case your vehicle is stolen by someone.
  • Vandalism.

In case someone is injured by your vehicle in an accident, you must report the incident to the police at once and to your insurance company.

In case another vehicle has been damaged by your car then another vehicle owner can file for third party claim under property damage and for this another vehicle owner need to file an FIR and the copy of FIR is submitted to MACT court from where a summon to Insurance company is sent post that as per the ruling of court claim is processed.

In case your vehicle has been damaged in the accident then you need to inform the police immediately and also your insurance company so that they can send a surveyor to assess the damage.

In the mean time do not try to remove the car from its accident spot without the permission of the police.

In the case of theft inform the cops immediately and your insurance company alongside the transport department.

The moment the policy document comes to your hand, start collecting the thing that the company needs. Gather all the documents at one place and submit it along with the claim form correctly filed in within the given date.

Follow any instruction that has been mentioned by the company for getting your claim cleared. If you refuse to give any documents that they ask for, then your claim will be denied.

There are some important things to remember when you are making your claim to Prevent Car Insurance Claim Rejection. 

  • Ensure that your vehicle is in good condition. You must be able to prove that your vehicle was in good form while being used. If the company can dig up any evidence against it then you will not be given your claim.

  • In the case of theft, the company will check for Keys of the vehicle, FIR filed to the police and policy copy. If all of these are available and FIR is filed within 24hrs of theft then you are eligible for filing claim.

  • It is important that you do not allow unlicensed drivers to drive your vehicle. In the case of an accident even if you have proved that a third party’s fault caused the accident, your claim will be rejected.

  • When you applied for insurance you had mentioned the purpose for which your vehicle was to being used. If the company finds out that you were using it for some other purpose then also, chances of rejection increase.