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5 Driving Techniques To Learn For Becoming A Pro

Everyone wants to become a good driver, and we all know that it is not as easy as it looks. Many people learn driving but back out as they get too anxious while driving. It takes quite a while for people to master the art of driving smoothly on a very busy road, however, thorough knowledge of your car’s system could always help you in performing better. Given below are some simple techniques which can make driving easy for you and help you improve on it.

Brake correctly / Proper Brake Technique/Brake Technique You Must Know

It is one of the fundamental and essential driving technique. One has the general tendency to brake hard and fast when they come across an obstacle. You must not do this as it can cause skidding especially on a gravel road or a wet road. Do not brake hard unless an object suddenly appears in front of you. What you should rather do is, put some light pressure on the brake first and then gradually increase the pressure to bring your vehicle to a stop. This is what a seasoned driver would do.

Steering techniques

A pro steers the car smoothly and doesn’t indulge in any rash movements. Before turning your car slow it down and turn to avoid any accident. Do not accelerate unless you are sure that your car is straight onto the road. When you are steering, it is important that you keep both your hands on the outside of the wheel and your thumb is on the seam of the wheel.

Do not brake in case of a blowout

When the rear tyre blows out with a loud noise, our instinct is to press down on the brakes. However, do not do that; for if you have a car speeding behind you, it will come and slam into your vehicle and add to your misery. You can do the opposite, and gently press down on the accelerator. Your flat tyre acts like the anchor of a ship and will eventually bring your car to a standstill. Then you can get down to work on your tyre.

Fuel economy

To be a pro, you must know how to economise your fuel. The basics would be to maintain your car properly; your tyres must be in good shape, keep them inflated and maintain your car maintenance schedule. Apart from that, you need to be a smart driver and not a rash one. Do not crash down on your accelerator in your madness for speed. It will lead to unnecessary fuel loss. Press it gently. The best method would be to take about 15 seconds to accelerate your car to 15 mph. A sudden decrease in speed followed by sudden acceleration will lead to fuel loss.

Catch a skid in snow

Learning to catch a rear end skid in snow is a matter of pride. Most people are unable to grasp the concept of it, but if you can, then you are a pro. It comes with practice, but ensure you practice when the snow is clear for causing injuries to others.

However, it doesn't matter if you drive like an armature or a pro, just ensure you drive safely.

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