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5 Things You Must Keep With You before a Bike Ride

A bike ride is extremely exhilarating. To make this experience worthwhile, one must pack light and only go for essential things required for the trip. It is important for you to have your route well mapped out along with hotels or motels to put up for the night in case it’s a long trip. Since you need to pack light, you need to pack smartly and efficiently. Following are some of the essential things you can put into your backpack the next time you are on a bike road trip.

A physical map

Carrying a map may sound old school given the present era of advanced technology. However, a physical map will save your day when you end up without any network service or take a wrong turn, or end up losing your phone. It is always better to have a physical map than being stranded somewhere. It won’t even take extra space in your bag. Nowadays specialised maps are available, especially for long bike trips. You can always avail them for your benefit.

A flat repair kit

One of the most important item on your packing checklist. It can save your day when you run over a nail on the highway, and your tire gives up. A can of 'fix a flat liquid' and a small air pump can easily save you from a lot of trouble, and you will be ready to hit the road again and make up for your lost time.

Also, add to this a toolkit that contains the essential wrenches and sockets that match the requirements of your bike. Thus, you now have the basic toolset that would help you if your bike suddenly breaks down.


Under circumstances of a vehicle breakdown in the night, it is best to have a flashlight handy to repair the damage. It is helpful even when you are camping under the stars.

Another essential thing to be added to this is your hazard light. It's useful when you are doing any repair in the night, and you don’t want any other vehicle slamming into you. If you keep a flashlight on it will make others aware of your presence.

Take a Bluetooth helmet communicator

Listening to just the sound of the wind on a bike trip especially after a hectic week can be very soothing. However, sometimes the tune of your favourite song can also turn out to be very pleasing. The Bluetooth helmet communicator helps you and your friends communicate with each other easily. 

Battery pack

This is an incredibly useful thing if you are a passionate photographer. If you have the plan to click photos, then you need to recharge your battery periodically. Your battery dying before you reach the final destination will affect your trip pictures. It is advisable to keep your battery pack fully charged before you begin your trip.

Things not to carry during road trips

  • You do not need to carry a large trunk of clothes as its not beneficial. Pack only the essential things.

  • Do not carry anything that increases the weight of your luggage.

Pack up well and have a safe journey!

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