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7 Things You Must Avoid Doing On A Motorbike

Biking is all about being hyper vigilant. You need to be overly cautious to avoid accidents on the road. You cannot afford to get distracted for a second lest you should meet the possible dangers. Newbies, being more curious about their vehicles tend to be more prone to making mistakes. Here we bring to you seven common things that you must avoid doing on a motorbike.


Stalling refers to the sudden stopping of your vehicle without a signal. This happens when the rider forgets to change to neutral while halting or depress the clutch. Bikes can also stall if the idle set too low or if the engine goes too slow for the bike’s speed and gear. Such a sudden halt may be dangerous for you and the vehicles that are at the back of you as they are unaware of your movement, and this might cause a fatal collision.

Inattention, Distraction and Speed

This is perhaps the most common cause of accidents. Every single second of your time on your bike must be spent with attention and caution. Keep your cool and refrain from distractions. Wear a face shield, goggles or glasses to keep dust particles at bay.  Surpassing the speed limit can land you up in legal trouble or an accident. So, you must continually look for cars and drive responsibly.

Not Covering Your Clutch

The clutch and the brake must be covered with all your four fingers, to reduce the reaction time when we quickly need to use them. However, you can keep your hands off the brake when you are about to overcome an obstacle.

Forgetting to Cancel Turn Signals

Turn signals make the other vehicles aware of the turns that you are going to take. Most of us have the habit of forgetting to turn off indicators after taking a turn. Doing this sends out wrong information to the other fellow drivers on the road, and you might end up inviting trouble. Put a small beeper with the flasher unit. The beeper shall keep beeping till the flasher is turned off.

Not Wearing a Helmet

Helmets are a mandate when you take your bike out for a ride. Needless to say, they provide protection and can save our lives if we meet with an accident. Driving while not wearing a helmet is a punishable offence.


Following another vehicle too closely is known as tailgating. Keeping a safe distance between the vehicles are a must when you drive, even on a busy road. You should drive at least 2 seconds behind the vehicle in front of you. Your reflexes need some time to respond in case of an emergency. Hence, you might not get enough time to stop when there is a chance of collision.

Unsure about Direction

Sometimes we mistakenly enter a wrong corner and fuss about the way out. In such case, do not panic. You must look for visual clues that can give us the road’s direction and find your way out. Avoid making sharp unpredictable turns in case you are unsure about directions.

While you focus on safe driving, don't forget to check if your vehicle is protected with two wheeler insurance.

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