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7 Things You Must Do Before You Start Riding a Motorbike

If you are buying your motorbike, then you must have been saving up for a long time. You must love your bike and cannot wait to start riding it. Even if someone has been sponsoring for your bike, it doesn’t change your love for riding them. Bikes are fuel efficient, and if you know to drive them well, they help you travel faster.  However, in our excitement of waiting for the day we lay hands on our new bike keys, we tend to forget some necessary things that we need to do so that we can ride smoothly. Some tips are given below.

Buy a reasonable bike

You might already be having second thoughts about reading further down, but this is a crucial aspect that you need to remember. Your first bike is more like your practice bike. It will undergo a lot of wrecks as you are not an experienced rider yet. You learn your tricks using your first bike and then buy a better one. If you spend too much money on your first bike, then you have just wasted a lot of money unnecessarily.

Buy safety gear as well

You are a new learner, and it is evident that you will fall while learning. A motorbike moves much faster than a bicycle, and hence you end up hurting yourself more when you fall. If you are unable to buy all sorts of fancy gears, then you must at least have a full face helmet, a good jacket, good boots and gloves.

Your bike needs to be a comfortable one

It is important that for the sake of buying a cheap bike you do not buy an uncomfortable bike. It should have the right amount of power and displacement, comfort and also should not burn a hole in your pocket when you are buying it.

Familiarise yourself with the bike

Apart from learning how to ride your bike well, you need to know the various controls of your bike like the palm of your hand. It is a critical factor to consider if you want to become a pro in your biking.

Dust & Dirt are the Part of Bike riding

While riding you may have to face dirt, pollution and dust so that’s a part of bike riding, be prepared for these.  There will be sudden rains, there will be splashes of mud on your clothes etc.

Get your bike insured

Compared to the money you had paid for your first bike, the performance levels of your bike are way better; so why go for insurance? Because without insurance you will not be allowed to ride on Indian roads it covers, to some degree, your medical treatment should you meet an accident. Thus it is a wise choice to buy insurance.

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