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8 Tips For Driving Safely In Snow

Patience is the keyword when driving in snow, and one needs to be very cautious while driving. Fatal accidents happen due to unnecessary speeding in the snow. Unsafe driving in the snow causes a significant number of deaths every year. Over confident driving skills especially in the snowy winters can put one in the hospital or even worse.

Your car does not make you invincible in the snow

This is to all those over confident four-wheel drivers who think that no harm can come to them. A four wheeler sends the required amount of torque to each of the tyres which provide extra traction to move forward in snow. That, however, does not ensure that you can come to a quick stop after racing down the snow. So, it is better to slow down to avoid any fatal accidents.

Do not follow the vehicle in front of you too closely

This is an important precaution. You must be cautious or if you are not very confident about your winter driving, maintain the distance between you and the car in front of you. This will ensure that you do not bump into the car in case it is facing some problem and is abruptly slowing down.


Having the right tyres for snow driving is important. As winter sets in you must change your tyres as a precautionary measure. One should have a 6/32 -inch deep dread tyre for appropriate snow traction.

Get your vehicle ready in time

It is important that you make the required changes in your vehicle before winter sets in; stock your car with a winter survival kit, replace your old tyres and windshield wipers if they are old. Ensure that your oil tank is full so that you can stay warm inside your car if you get stuck or are stranded anywhere.

Do not rush to your destination.

It is important that you take a lot of time in hand before getting out to work. Trips in snowy winter take longer time than otherwise.

Electronic Stability Control

This technology works like magic in most cases and saves you from a fatal skid. But if this cannot save you then nothing can. 2012 onwards all cars are provided with Electronic Stability Control system.

See and be seen as well

If it has been too long that you have changed your windshield wiper, then you need to change it for the coming winter. It is important to see clearly while driving through the snow. At the same time keep your headlights and rear lights on even during the day. A snowy or overcast day lowers visibility, so it is important that you are seen by other cars as well.

Drive only if necessary

Do not drive in the snow unless it is extremely important. If you have the option of staying at home, then do so.
Enjoy the snow and drive safe!

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