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  • Tools To Carry On A Long Drive

    Long drives and weekend road trips are what many people look forward to for a refreshing break from their hectic schedules.
  • Safe Driving Tips When Travelling With Kids

    Having a kid changes your life completely. Though you have even more duties than before yet you fulfill them with more happiness and diligence. But there are certain activities which may seem troublesome like driving with kids in the car.
  • Go Green While Travelling

    Global warming is escalating at an alarming rate. This has persuaded many countries to take notable steps in order to reduce their carbon footprint. But it is important that we take steps at individual level too to save the environment.
  • Types Of Fuel - High Octane vs. Normal Fuel

    Type of fuel used in a vehicle is one of the major deciding factors of its overall performance on the road. Hence, there is always a lot of discussions on which type of fuel is the best for your vehicle.
  • Car Accessories To Make Your Drive Comfortable

    To some, a car is just a means of transport and to others; it’s their most loved possession. If you are a part of the latter group, here are – 6 amazing car accessories that you might want in your car to make your drive more comfortable:
  • 5 Important Facts About A Newborn Car Seat

    A newborn car seat is designed especially for the baby. It faces the rear end of the car to keep your baby safe and is suitable for newborns weighing 30 to 40 pounds and 30 to 35 inches tall.



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